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Learning With Junior Explorers: Online Learning + Fun Activities at Home!


I received a Junior Explorers sample kit for the purpose of this review. made possible by Mom Spark Media. All opinions are mine, check out this online learning program that we’ve been using with our elementary school child…


Junior Explorers, Mission Arctic packet for kids


My son is almost 8 now, so I am sure that you can imagine what he’s into: friends, baseball, and online games. Typical. I can’t STAND him to be online, or on a tablet for long periods of time, and I really don’t like when he plays pointless games. Lately, he has been spending his time on his covert missions with Junior Explorers!


Junior Explorers is an awesome learning tool that combines online games and tasks with offline activities to teach them about our planet. Kids ages 5-11 can participate in fun themed ‘missions’ that have to do with the world around them: lessons about animals, plants, the ocean, and nature. I am happy that my son was able to try this out, it is designed with elementary curriculum in mind and he was actually intrigued!


Kid on computer playing Junior Explorers


Junior Explorers: How It Works


Junior Explorers Mission Arctic


Subscribe – Each month, there is a new mission  that features new animals in different ecosystems. There are multiple subscription options available for your child, based upon the amount of missions you’d like them to complete.


Materials Kit for Junior Explorers Learning Missions


Receive a physical kit – Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll receive your special kit that has everything your child will need to be prepared for the months mission. It includes an activity book or field journal, stickers, an animal fact sheet, and other collectibles and activities that correspond with the theme for the month. My son is currently doing the Arctic Mission, where he’s learning about the weather and ecosystem, polar bears and other arctic animals in the habitat!


Welcome Page, Junior Explorers Missions


Learn online – Once they’ve got their mission kit, they go online to, log in, and join explorers Kyle and Kia to solve the mystery of the mission they are completing. Through games, engaging narration, pictures and video, and earning points for discoveries, kids are learning along the way and they don’t really even know it!


Junior Explorers online learning and activity book


Learning can be helpful and FUN!


Did you know that kids can donate the points they earn to real causes? Nonprofits such as the WWF and the Nature Conservancy can benefit, in real life. Also, Junior Explorers has teamed up with Seventh generation to give back a percentage of its revenue to real conservation projects. As kids are completing missions, they’re helping give back to our planet!

The Junior Explorers program is such an awesome concept, mixing online learning with offline fun that kids love! My 4 year old was into this as well, she wanted to take a turn but she’s not quite ready, as there is reading and writing involved in each mission. My son kept saying, “Mom, oh my gosh look at this” and “Come see this video!” If the kids are going to be playing something, I am glad that Junior Explorers is their educational choice!


Follow along with Junior Explorers…




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