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5 Fun Things We Did At Legoland For The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Press Day!

We spent a day at Legoland California for the LEGO NINJAGO Movie press day! We did so many fun things and got to pre-screen the film. This was a hosted press experience with Warner Brothers, opinions are all mine.

5 Fun Things We Did At Legoland For The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Press Day!

I don’t know about you all, but we are BIG fans of the LEGO movie franchise around here! Ever since the first LEGO movie came out, we’ve been hooked and we’re so excited that the 3rd NINJAGO themed installment is here! The LEGO NINJAGO Movie is out in theaters now, so you can go see it with your family this weekend. Here are some fun activities we got to participate in at Legoland California for the LEGO NINJAGO Movie press day.

Legoland California Theme Park Entrance Carlsbad CA

5 Fun Things We Did At Legoland For The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Press Day!

Kids in LEGO bricks at LEGOLAND California Hotel

1. We spent the day exploring the Legoland California hotel

The movie press day was held at the Legoland California Hotel. We started with a lunch buffet at the Bricks Restaurant inside the hotel and met and greeted with the Warner Bros. team and other attendees. The food was perfect with selections for both adults and kids. The lobby itself is a playground, there is a LEGO castle with small LEGO bricks surrounding it to get creative and play with. At the end of the evening, we attended a reception at the pool area which was full of good food and fun activities. The kids all had a blast here, they were almost besties by the time the event was over!

Kids building with LEGO bricks at Legoland California

2. The kids had a LEGO NINJAGO building session and learned some tips and tricks from Master Builders

One of the fun activities we got to participate in was attending a session with Master Builders at Legoland. They are responsible for creating all of the LEGO creations in the theme parks as well as the LEGO building sets they sell with instructions.  They shared the newest LEGO NINJAGO Movie building sets that are out now, and they are so neat! More about them below. The kids were given a few building tips and were challenged to create something that would compliment the LEGO NINJAGO Movie building sets.

Check out what they built to compliment the NINJAGO with their new Master Builder friends…

Master builders teach kids LEGO tips and tricks at Legoland

3. We got a peek at the new LEGO NINJAGO building sets

There are a few new LEGO sets made for the LEGO NINJAGO movie, and they are a lot of fun! We checked them out at the builders session explained above, they look very detailed and match the movie so well. Choose from the LEGO NINJAGO Movie City Building Kit, LEGO NINJAGO Destiny’s Bound Ship Building Kit, the LEGO NINJAGO Movie Green Ninja Mech Dragon building kit, and lots more.

***Shop all LEGO NINJAGO Movie building sets here.***

LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE building sets

4. We rode the LEGO NINJAGO ride!

One of the newest attractions at Legoland California is NINJAGO World, complete with ninja themed attractions, decorations, LEGO characters, and the NINJAGO ride! Since we were at the theme park for the LEGO NINJAGO press day, it was only right that thy opened up the ride for us exclusively. It is so much fun, you can read more about NINJAGO World here.

LEGO NINJAGO Movie step and repeat wall

5. The whole press group got to watch the movie before its release

At the end of the day, we were taken to a local movie theater where the LEGO NINJAGO movie was screening. We loved the movie, it was so funny and really cute for the kids! The NINJAGO themed film focuses on 6 young ninja warriors who must go on a quest to save thee city of NINJAGO. Follow along with their humorous adventures and plenty of LEGO-fied action for a creatively fun movie experience! If you are a fan of the first and second LEGO movies, this one will not disappoint, my kids and I loved it. 

LEGO NINJAGO movie set up at Legoland

The LEGO NINJAGO Movie is in theaters September 22, see it TODAY!

We had a great time at the LEGO NINJAGO Movie press day, I am so thankful to Warner Bros. for having us! This movie is so much fun, and I think it’s good for all ages. My son is 10 and my daughter is 6, and they both enjoyed the movie and laughed at different parts throughout. 

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