Lesson In Parenting: Giving Comfort for Cancer Awareness Month

breast cancer pink ribbonI am sharing my opinions today in connection with SocialMoms and the Giving Comfort program. They have brought awareness to the rough time that cancer patients have to endure, prompting me to post my thoughts about it. Life has so many ups and downs. Cancer can be one of the hardest, you’re not sure what to do, how to prevent it, or how to explain it to your family. When someone you know and love is diagnosed, it can take a major toll.


A person going through trying times requires more attention, love and support than ever. Cancer is one of them.  A shocking diagnosis could lead to so many feelings and emotions, I know this, my grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. You can experience feelings of sadness, guilt, the inability to understand, and even emotional pain. Some people even withdraw and exile themselves from the person who is affected. Your family and the people around you will see this. Through it all, how do you teach your kids to do good, no matter what? When life hands you lemons, make lemonade! My advice: Get over yourself. You are not the one suffering.


Lead by example.


Because your kids are watching. Show them that no matter what your family is going through, there are people who have it much worse. Then, follow up by showing them how to do something positive to bring a sense of comfort and ease. Go out of your way to help one another, this could be as simple as a laugh when trying to cope with feelings, or even sending a gift or surprise to brighten up someones day.




The millions of people who have cancer are forced to cope with emotions, living conditions, physical pain, treatment, and more. I absolutely love the Giving Comfort Program, a part of the non-profit McKesson Foundation that gives Comfort Kits to cancer patients through cancer treatment centers, hospitality houses, and support communities. The struggle of  cancer treatment is real, so these cancer care kits are filled with essentials and given to patients who need it. There can be so much discomfort in the whole process, so providing a little help and showing you care can make a huge difference.



There are plenty of different types of Comfort Kits available, based upon the person. Women’s, men’s, teen’s and even care givers kits are specially put together to be the perfect fit for the patient, putting a smile on their face. This is the Women’s Harmony kit


Inside Giving Comfort Kit, Women's Harmony Kit


You can help! Donate a kit or purchase one for a loved one to show how much you care. When you do, the proceeds go to other Comfort Kits for cancer patients in need. Visit Giving Comfort for more information and to browse the available kits. October is breast cancer awareness month, so let’s teach our children to help where they can! Every person deserves a happy life, so show your support so they know they are not alone in their battle with cancer.


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We’re going to visit our local hospital and ask who could use the kit we received. I will be taking my kids, they need to witness giving in action!


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Disclosure: This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Giving Comfort blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.



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