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I have gotten so caught up with work, family and taking care of a household that I am physically and emotionally spent.

I have no time for ME. At all.


Deanna Underwood with husband Marviel Underwood


I seldom have quality time with my husband. We spend our time and energy raising two kids. How does this happen? How do we give so much of ourselves that we actually forget to take care of ourselves?

Guess what? It’s time for US. We’re going to live in the moment. Unplug. Escape. Love ourselves and love our planet. And we’re doing it in a few days!


Costa Rica waterfall in the rainforest


Costa Rica, the land of nature and pure life, is calling, and we’re answering! My husband and I will be hopping on a flight to this beautiful country, stat, and we’re taking some time for us. Costa Rica is known for it’s beautiful white and black sand beaches, abundant wildlife, lush rainforests, sustainability, eco-tourism, adventurous excursions and relaxation. It has also been named as the planets happiest nation.

I have traveled to Costa Rica before, I can’t say enough great things about it! Life is simple there, and that is exactly what my husband and I need. An escape from the hustle and bustle. Culture and life flourishes here, and I need this. WE need this.


Costa Rica Gift of Happiness Sloth

Costa Rica’s Tourism Board is sponsoring the million dollar Gift of Happiness program, where they award week long vacations to people to promote the countries gorgeous atmosphere, relaxed lifestyle, and an abundance of beauty and adventure. We’ll be visiting two different areas, San Ramon, which is near the cloud forest and majestic Arenal volcano, and Manuel Antonio, the most popular tourist destination combining the Pacific Ocean with the historic national park. ‘Pura Vida‘ is their saying, which means ‘pure life’ in English. I. Can’t. Wait.


colorful bird, Costa Rica


Off we go, I cannot wait to share all of our adventures with you! Follow along with me on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #GiftofHappiness for updates all week long.


Pura Vida!


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images: Costa Rica Tourism Board


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