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Celebrating The Most Magical Mother Daughter Moments with Disney

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Girl building with blocks in her Disney Jr Minnie Mouse dress

There’s something magical about a mother daughter relationship, there’s simply nothing like it. As my little girl gets older, I try to reflect upon the mother daughter moments I’ve had with my daughter, somewhat of a way to keep up with her fast growing life! We love the silly moments, the ice cream runs on special occasions, the pillow fights, the trips to Disneyland, the accomplishments, successes, and even the trials and tribulations – I am so lucky to be able to experience these things with my daughter!

Mom and daughter with Minnie Mouse ears at Disneyland

Disney had always been a part of my childhood, and now it is a magical part of my daughter’s life as well. It is exciting to be able to see the wonder and awe in a child’s eyes when they are mesmerized by all that Disney offers. My daughter would love to visit the theme park every day, and I am sure that she would! Since we can’t, I love that I can bring the magic of Disney home with us with Disney Jr.

Mother daughter reading together with Disney Jr. Minnie Mouse dress

We got a few cute Disney Junior Minnie Mouse items¬†from Walmart, when she saw some of the skirts, tees, dresses, and bedding sets, she lit up with delight! My daughter¬†chose this cute¬†Minnie Mouse Toddler Girl 2-Fer Dress¬†with a polka dotted tulle skirt and ruffled sleeves. It is so cute! She loves this dress and asks to wear it often, no matter what she’s doing. These are the mother daughter moments I live for – she is excited to read with me, build with blocks, do homework, help me make blueberry pancakes, and she’s comfortable enough to play,¬†learn, and grow – her own way. She’s truly my “Minnie Me!”

Little girl doing homework

My little girl is growing up, and for toddlers, that means the quest for independence is stronger than ever. A part of me is a little sad that my baby isn’t such a baby anymore, but I am also thrilled that she is learning to do so many new things on her own, and that I get to help her through it and witness it all! I do my best to be present and involve myself in whatever she’s doing, and I am so thankful that we¬†are able to connect and share our common love for Disney.

Minnie Mouse Beach Towel, innie Mouse bikini and sandals, Disney Junior at Walmart

I love celebrating mother daughter moments, and all of the things we do together as a family. Disney is a big part of¬†the moments we cherish, and I am so glad. Now that summer is on it’s way, I HAD to get¬†my daughter a Minnie Mouse swimsuit, the sandals, and the¬†Disney Minnie Mouse Bows and Dots Beach Towel¬†at Walmart, because how adorable is this set?! She’s going to be so surprised!

Minnie Mouse 2 piece swim suit bikini amd sandals for toddlers, Disney Jr

Share the magic of Disney and have perfect mother daughter moments that matter! Shop Disney Junior Minnie Mouse items at Walmart and embrace the love, excitement, and magic with your little girl.

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