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Meet Squishy: Chatting With Pixar’s Pete Sohn #MonstersUEvent

Ok, tell me you all went to go see Monsters University… If not, what the heck are you waiting for?




I have been raving about it since I attended the Monsters University event at Pixar’s headquarters back in May. I posted an interview with the films Producer Kori Rae, another with Director Dan Scanlon, showed some behind the scenes fun secrets of animation from the Pixar campus and even gave a review of Monsters University movie. Trust me: Pixar does not disappoint!




One of the films highlights, in my opinion, is when Mike and Sulley decide to join the Oozma Kappa fraternity to save their behinds from getting kicked out of the scare program at Monsters University. This is an integral part as it sets the scene for the main events, they will meet their frat brothers and join together as a team. One of the frat brothers of Oozma Kappa, Scott “Squishy” Squibbles, is a 5-eyed short, sweet and pudgy little monster who is just as naive as they come. He’s one of the reasons that Oozma Kappa earns the “undeclared outcast” frat award on campus.


Pete Sohn, Voice of Squishy in Monsters University


Snack time with Squishy


We got a chance to catch up with Pete Sohn, the man behind the voice of Squishy, who doubles as one of Pixar’s story artists. There was a special interview held with him called “Snack time with Squishy”, where he answered a few questions about the role, about himself, and about his involvement with multiple Pixar works. Squishy looks exactly like him.


On how he got the role of Squishy:

Working in the story department, Sohn was involved in pitching ideas for the film, which includes voices to go along with them. He agreed to do a “scratch voice”, or a temporary stand in voice of dialogue for Squishy’s character during the preliminary stages of the film. They initially chose him because he’s round and nerdy, just like Squishy, and after a few trials, they decided that his voice would be permanent.


On him and the character Squishy:

Sohn and Squishy played a lot off of each other, Squishy evolved over time and took on the hat and chubs that Sohn sports in real life. The two of them really fit. Sohn says he likes the fact that Squishy has this naive sincerity about him. Mike and Sulley have a completely different image of a college frat house, and Squishy just wants to “grab some couch cushions and build a fort!” He’s also slightly embarrassed of his sweet mother, yet he loves her so much.


On his other work within Pixar:

Sohn started with Pixar in 2000 where he was a character designer for Finding Nemo. He has since moved into story, animation and production with the company. He did the voice of Emile in Ratatouille and directed Partly Cloudy, a short that was made for the movie Up. He also had a small part in The Incredibles. He is currently directing The Good Dinosaur with Bob Peterson, which is slated to release in 2014.


How it feels to hear his own voice:

Sohn says it’s pretty exciting to hear his voice on the big screen. There are two sides to view it: one as an animator and another as a an audience member when watching the movie for the first time. It’s embarrassing at times, but then he realizes that he doesn’t hear his own voice anymore, but that of the character. The crew really takes his voice and makes it Squishy’s own.


Check out Squishy and the rest of the gang in Monsters University, in theaters NOW!


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Disclosure: I am attending all events on behalf of Disney, I received no additional compensation. Everything I share about my experience is all mine.


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