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Mobile Health at Home: Give iPhone Ear Exams With CellScope Oto HOME™


Want to learn how you can diagnose an ear infection at home, no doctors appointment needed? I have partnered with CellScope to share information about their Oto HOME™ ear examination device and app. I am thrilled to be able to give ear exams at home!



There’s nothing worse than when my kids are sick. Am I right? You just want to hold them and squeeze them, and take the pain and discomfort away. ¬†No, I take that back, there IS something worse: when your kids are¬†sick and you have NO IDEA¬†what the problem is. In these cases, you can’t figure out why they’re miserable, so you don’t really know what to do to remedy the situation. Ugh.


CellScope Oto HOME™ Digital Smartphone Ear Exam Kit


CellScope Oto HOME™: Making life with kids a little easier


When the symptoms persist and you can’t figure out the issue, a trip to the doctors office is usually in order. It can be tough to to get a sick child out of the house, let alone secure an appointment last minute. If you suspect that your infant, toddler, or older child is experiencing symptoms of an ear infection, such as cold symptoms, or the tugging of the ears, it is now easier than ever to manage. With CellScope Oto HOME™, it’s easy to diagnose ear issues right in the comfort of your own home, and get back to life.


Oto HOME Ear Exam Piece for CellScope


Medical x Tech = Easy Home Ear Exams!


I always say that tech is going to take over the world, and this is truly a great example of medical-meets-tech, on a consumer level. The Oto HOME™ is a small piece that connects directly to your smartphone’s camera, and with the CellScope app, you can give a full ear exam, right in your living room! It can be used on any ¬†iOS device, such as the iPhone, iPad, iTouch etc. It does the exact same job as an otoscope in your doctors office, showing you the eardrum, inside of the ear canal, and all of the other inner parts of the ear that you can’t ordinarily see. If it’s a clearish, pearly white color, it’s healthy. Any redness or inflammation means there may be an ear infection.


Attach Oto HOME to your iPhone device


I tried the Oto HOME™ on my iPhone 6, I didn’t realize it was going to be as easy to use as it is! To begin, make sure you have the CellScope app downloaded ¬†and available on your phone, create and account and sign in. To set up your ear exam kit, simply put the appropriate CellScope case onto the phone (available for iPhone 5, 5S and 6) and attach the Oto HOME™ device by sliding it into the slot and snapping in place, over the camera. Affix¬†the proper black scope tip, it comes with 4, some of which are specially sized for infant ears (marked on the tips), and fire up the CellScope app. You’re ready for your first ear exam!


CellScope Home Ear Exam, Click Oto HOME onto iOS device, attach the black scope tip


Slowly and gently, place the tip into the patient’s ear and move it around, all ways until you can get a clear picture of the eardrum. Please note, for younger children, you may need an adult to help hold them still. After you’ve recorded video and took a few photos of the inside of your patient’s ear, you can send them over to a doctor for inspection. You can email the videos and images to your own doctor right from the app, or use the Oto CONNECT™ service, which has on-call doctors available 24 hours per day to review your ear exam. Within a couple of hours, you’ll receive a response, knowing what your diagnosis will be much sooner than waiting for a doctors appointment. This service is free with your Oto HOME™.


Looking in a child's ear through CellScope Oto HOME Ear Exam Kit


Innovation that’s perfect for parents


Can you believe it? What was once a doctors-only view of the eardrum, can be visible at home? I think this is the perfect way to know, right away, if our kids have an ear infection, especially during the non-talking stages in the first couple of years of life. Thank goodness my little ones had no inner ear issues now, but it does feel comforting to know that I have the CellScope Oto HOME™ for future use.


CellScope oto-home


I highly recommend¬†CellScope Oto HOME™, it is an affordable way to diagnose ear issues for anyone, any age. The ease of a personal ear exam, virtually immediate access to doctors, at-home convenience and self knowledge¬†makes it worth every penny! Visit them online to learn more, and when you’re ready to purchase, use coupon code MOMMYGAGA to save 30% off, good through May 5, 2015. Follow along with CellScope on Facebook and Twitter for updates.


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