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Mom Hacks: 5 Reasons We Need Puffs SoftPack Tissues On-The-Go

Puffs SoftPack tissues


As a traveling family, we’re always on the go. It was only right that we partnered with Puffs to share why we must have their tissue SoftPack in our possession at all times! Whether we’re on our way to school, sports, or catching a flight across the country, there are so many things that need to be dealt with, STAT.


Puffs SoftPack Tissues, perfect for on the go families


The last thing that a parent wants to worry about is being unprepared. Life happens, especially while on the go, kinda like the time that my toddler became ill and let the car have it! Guess who only had a few small napkins sliding around in the back seat from the fast food we had earlier? Needless to say that was an interesting ride home.

Puffs SoftPack tissues are for much more than runny noses. It’s convenient, ultra-soft and flexible package makes them super easy to grab and go. Slip them into a purse, the glove box in the car, or even in backpacks and diaper bags. With a toddler and an elementary aged kid in tow, something is bound to happen. I will not be caught off guard, no way, no how! Here’s why we keep them close while traveling…


Kid blowing nose


5 Reasons To Keep Puffs SoftPack Tissues On Hand While Traveling


1. Drool, snot, spit

One o the most obvious reasons to have a Puffs SoftPack is to blow runny noses. I also have a drooler, so when naps are taken in the car or on a plane, these definitely come in handy.


2. Make up on the move

I remember having to jet to an event right after baseball practice, so my make up bag and clothes were in tow. I can blend and correct, eye liner mistakes don’t stand a chance!


3. Wipe those hands and mouths

Snacks travel along with us wherever we go, and sometimes we have breakfast in the car on the way to school. Crumbs are inevitable, so how about Puffs to the rescue?!


4. Toddler tears

They come at any reason, and at any time. If she dropped her last gummy bear, can’t reach her favorite book in the car, or any other minor thing that could irk a toddler. The trick here is to realize that you never know when it’s coming, so stay ready.


5. “Mom, my juice spilled!”

I swear this is the most inevitable use. Each child, once per week, will do it. I’ll hear an “uhh-oohhh” or “Mooooom, I dropped my juice box.” My 7 year old is great about handling accidents in the back seat of the car.


Puffs SoftPack Designs


Puffs SoftPack tissues fit in right where I need them most: on the move! They fit wherever I want to take them, thank goodness! Pick one up and keep it with you, so many close calls avoided.


What could you use Puffs SoftPacks for in your life?


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