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“Mom, I Really Need an iPhone” — A 6 Year Old

Are you kidding me?

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“Who are you going to call? Better yet, who’s gonna pay for it? You don’t just buy the phone, you know. It has to be paid for month after month.”


I said this and much more to my 6 year old, who, for some reason, thinks he needs a phone. What? I hate that he is already trying to keep up with the Jones’ and he hasn’t yet started the first grade. Isn’t a 6 year old boy supposed to be worried about how fast he can ride his bike down the hill, how many outs he can get at his baseball game, and making the loudest possible arm pit fart? He says he’s going to call me and his dad, his grand parents and some of his friends. If any of the kids in his school have a cell phone already, just know that their parents aren’t his parents. Nope, not gonna fly around here! If he doesn’t have the word “teen” in his age, he isn’t getting a phone. Point blank.


Where do these kids learn this crap?

Oh, I know. Society. Because these days, it’s way cooler to have the latest app or video game than to play outside all day until the street lights come on. I don’t want to be the kind of mom that shelters my kids, I do want them to learn from life experiences, enjoy a little television, and I see no harm in playing games every so often.  I definitely won’t let it get out of hand.


Do your kids have their own cell phone? How old are they, and why did you decide to get them one?



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  • I am a little shocked that 6 year old’s are asking for Iphones. My son started asking when he was 10, we got him one a year later because he spent a lot of time on the ski slopes and we felt he needed one to keep in touch with us. 🙂

    • I think my 6 year old just sees people with them, and occasionally plays games on mine, so he feels like he needs one. I won’t even consider it until middle school, at the very least!

  • Lol! my son asked me the same thing i was shocked even more shocking is i know plenty of 6 yr. old with iphones, not in my house he doesnt need one! Im thinking at 12 or 13 we will see!

  • My 10 year old has been asking for a phone and I’m going to surprise him with one next month. At first he asked for a smart phone and I was like “mmmmmm… negative”. I tried to make him a deal and offered him a flip phone to start with and he said ” nah, forget it, that’s okay”. Of course I was like “no you didn’t”. I feel he’s ready and responsible enough to have a phone now so I’m going to get him a smart phone with strict rules.

  • My LO wants a cell phone & iPad. She thinks it a way of life. No we will not give them to her any time soon. Our older boys were given cell phones in junior high school, in NYC they must use public transportation.

  • I don’t have kids but when kids get phones at too young of an age, I have noticed they lose them. 🙁 My sister got a phone before I did, because she was on drill team and sometimes needed to change what time our parents would pick her up.

  • My almost 13 year old has one that her grandparents got her and pay for (they just attached her on her plan) and she’s had it since she was 10, and my (almost) 10 year old has one that her dad gave her and pays for.

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