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Hectic Day? MommyJuice To The Rescue!


Being a mom has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I love raising my children, watching them grow and thrive.

Oh, but then there are those days. Tantrums. Sickness. Crying. Attitudes. Household chores. Arguments. Some night I simply can’t WAIT to put the kids to bed and relax! Mama needs a drink!


MommyJuice Wines, White and Red


Stressful day? Here’s an ideal evening…


Once the kids go to bed, nice and early, i’m drawing a nice hot bubble bath. Light a few scented candles, pour a glass of cold MommyJuice white wine. Aaahhh… Next, i’ll make my way to the bed (wine in tow) and melt in it. Hubby can begin to render a full body massage.


About MommyJuice Wines…

So there’s this mom who happened to know what it was like to live the chaotic life of a parent to multiple children. She’s been there. As a veteran of the wine industry, she decided that it was time for something that could make a moms evening peaceful. I got to try out both varieties of MommyJuice wines, they have a white and a red. The red is made up of a mixture of quality merlot, cabernet, syrah, malbec, among others. The white variety is 100% chardonnay. I am more of a white wine fan, but they were equally capable of making my night!


MommyJuice glass of red wine



Aromas of tropical fruit salad—pineapples, guava and bananas. Hints of lemon grass and citrus rind as well. Kiwi, lime and a hit of grassiness round out this very fruit forward Chardonnay.


Aromas of bright berry fruits. Plums, tobacco and a subtle floral note. Full and rich flavors of blueberries, blackberries and dried cherries. Dried plums and a little anise spice round off the wonderfully smooth finish.



Know a mom who could use a little relaxation? Stop by CVS stores and grab her a couple, yes, a COUPLE of bottles of MommyJuice. Because after a day of snot, screaming and sippy cups, she’ll very much appreciate her own comforting drink. She deserves a break. Wine and Mother’s Day gift packs can be purchased here.

For a short time, you can enter the MommyJuice Facebook sweepstakes! Post photos of MommyJuice on the shelf at your local CVS store to their Facebook page enter to win a pack of MommyJuice glasses! Five winners will be chosen at the end of May, so you’ve got a pretty good chance!


Your next playdate, girls night out, and late night relax session is now covered!


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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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