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The Easy Way to Monitor Your Kids’ Health: On Your Smartphone!

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As a mom, there are so many things to remember when it comes to our kids. Did they sleep enough last night? Are they hanging around the wrong crowd? Are these flu symptoms? When were their last vaccinations?


I have two kids and I can never remember anything about their schedules and requirements, let alone my own! Medical and health information is very important and something I do not want to forget about. Thankfully, I do not have to carry around a planner to schedule everything for my kids. There’s an app for that! Children’s Tylenol® has released the Children’s Wellness App and I am all about it.


This is a much needed solution to an issue of my horrible memory. With this kids wellness tracker, you can create profiles for each of your children and keep track of all sorts of useful information about them and their health history. Records of their height, weight, medicine dosages, vaccines, temperatures, symptoms, and other reporting tools are included.

The next time one of my kids has a fever, I will be able to record the temperatures, when and how much medicine I administered, and even read some of the symptoms to figure out what might be wrong. I can’t remember how many times I had forgotten the last time I gave my daughter medicine and whether or not I should give her more. Such a headache when all you want is for your kids to feel better!

Check out the profiles I set up for my kids. I populated their names, ages, height, weight, and general vaccine history. There’s even an area where you can create personalized reports for each child.



Check out the Children’s Wellness App from Children’s Tylenol®, available on iTunes for Apple products and Google Play for Android. Thank goodness we’ll never have to fight to remember if our children have received the correct vaccinations ever again!


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