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My Family, LEGO-fied!

This post brought to you by LEGO. All opinions are 100% mine.



What if you could make your family into mini LEGO figures? My goodness, YOU CAN! If you've got LEGO lovers in your family, this is a must-try…


LEGO has a fun new website where you can customize your whole family as mini figures and send out fun greetings to your family and friends. Choose the skin tone, clothing, scenery and more, and WOW your friends with your LEGO family.


Here's how it works…



1. Visit and add your family:

MJ had fun with this part. You can choose the facial expression, hair style or hat, outfit and skin color for an family member, even cats and dogs! He made himself Santa Claus and made his sister an elf.


2. Set The Scene:

Place your family figures wherever you like them on the screen, and choose a greeting. You can scroll through and choose from a bunch of different backgrounds. We stuck with a holiday fire place theme, but you can put your family at the beach, in the snow, or even at a ranch.



3. Share with the World!

Send your greeting to friends, family, and even on social media! You can email, download, and adults can even share on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


MJ made a silly one, I swear he could do this all day. He dressed himself as a fire figether with a ski mask on, and his sister as a baseball player with a chicken head, all in outer space, in a language we cannot understand!



Visit LEGO Minifigure Family to LEGO-fy your family today, it's a lot of fun for the kids to virtually change up each family member, putting on silly hair and clothes! What a great holiday greeting to send to loved ones, create your own mini figure family, absolutely free!


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