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My Kids Are Suckers

I know, you might be asking, “What kind of mom calls her kids suckers? How horrible”! Well, they are suckers. One is a thumb sucker, the other is a pacifier sucker, and I think they are addicted!


This guy is notorious for thumb sucking. He started when he was about 6 months old and has been on it ever since. He has definitely reduce his thumb suckage by a LOT, but there are still those times when he’s sedentary that it jumps right on in his mouth. He’s fine for the most part of the day, but any time that he is watching tv or lays down for bed, he pops in the thumb. We have spoken to him on a realistic level, telling him it’s not necessary, he’s growing up, it’s pushing out his teeth, etc. We have given him stuff to hold on to during the times he would normally suck his thumb, it works only when we’re watching. We have used the bitter tasting nail polish and even put a band-aid on his thumb as a reminder to take his thumb out when he notices the difference. He cares. He tries. It’s become habitual. He is going to be 5 years old in 2 weeks and I don’t think he wants to find himself with his thumb in his mouth when he’s in his new kindergarten class. He needs his hands for other things, plus the germs, plus kids are mean these days!


Baby Girl

Ever since she was born, she has been a lover of her pacifier. The hospital staff popped that huge green Soothie pacifier in her mouth at birth and she won’t look back. She wants it at all times: in the car, during play time, at nap and bed times, even at the dinner table in between bites! We have been trying to keep them out of view and reach so that she won’t think about it. When she notices that it’s not around, she looks around for it and fusses until she gets it. She refuses to fall asleep without it, I know of so many babies who grew out of the pacifier stage on their own and have no problems. I do believe that pacifiers can be beneficial to infants as a soothing and comforting mechanism in their early days. I DO NOT believe that they should be used from now until the end of time. Granted, she is stll only 15 months, so I have some time.


What on earth can I try, I feel like I have exhausted everything! I know I can go cold turkey with Baby Girl if I ever need to, but I can’t take MJ’s thumbs away. What have you done with your children to wean them off of the pacifier or to get them to stop sucking their thumbs?


I have considered trying one of these thumb guards for thumb suckers. They are worn around the wrist like a bracelet and have an attached guard that goes over the thumb. That way, when the thumb goes in the mouth, there’s something in the way that reminds them not to suck. Would you use one?

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  • I wish I had a suggestion. My kids were on the opposite end and hated pacifiers. I tried to get them to take them but rarely succeeded. Also, each of them (I have 3) sucked their thumbs for exactly 2 months, from the age of 3 to 5 months, and each stopped on their own.

  • I hear you. My twins are now six and still suck their thumbs. They do not seem to do it at school, even when they were in 4K. The teachers are surprised to see this because they will when I am around. I have thought about the thumb guard, but it was $75 and I need two of them. So far, I redirect them and they are getting way better about leaving it out. What helps me not be too worried is I know many adults who have not needed braces and sucked their thumbs for years. I figure if they want to date they will stop! Good luck.

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