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My Kids Birthday List…

Why is it that the older kids get, the more stuff that goes on their birthday list?


MJ Underwood at his 5th birthday party

My son is turning 7 in a matter of days, and his birthday list is seemingly never-ending. Every toy and game he sees in the store, every infomercial that comes on (damn you, Party in The Tub), and every bike, scooter and skateboard that catches his eye is “Mom, I need this for my birthday!”


Birthday Gift Ideas for 7-8 year olds

NEED. Because food, water and shelter aren’t really a necessity, but that new Buzz Lightyear and Jack Skellington character for Disney Infinity? Can’t survive without it.


Here’s my sons on going, ever changing birthday list:



Am I forgetting anything? Looks like i’m going to have to send this list to everybody, because there’s no way I can make this happen alone.  


What do your kids ask for on their birthdays?



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