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My Little Mr. Fix-It

MJ has become a regular helpful guy around the house, sometimes welcomed, sometimes not. He wants to vaccum. Cook. Clean. Do Laundry. Help daddy hammer nails into the wall. And, no, this is not a bad thing, but sometimes I just don’t need him to throw his black t-shirt into the wash with all whites. Well, he did the cutest thing last night.

Earlier this month, he accidentally ripped one of my singing birthday cards while he was trying to figure out just where that music was coming from. We didn’t make a big deal of it, but he realized that he broke it. MJ has since found the birthday card and was playing around with it while I was cooking. I suddenly heard the screeching of a scotch tape roll… Mommy always tells him not to play with the tape (we had a prior episode, tape everywhere). Just as I was about to go in there and catch his little butt, I realized that he had taped my birthday card back together!

[Don’t know how well you can see, but here is his work!]
It was ripped all the way across the middle and he did a good job taping it back together! I love it that he actually thought about it and went to go get the tape to fix his mommy’s card. My Mr. Fix It!

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