My Secret Santa Shop: Great TJ Maxx and Marshalls Finds

I recently told you all about my off price shopping experience at TJ Maxx and Marshalls stores. Well, each of the bloggers who attended their holiday event is Boston were given a gift card and a mission! We played a little game of Secret Santa, drawing names of the others out of an appropriately festive stocking, and were to visit our local TJ Maxx or Marshalls store and pick up a gift that the chosen blogger would love.

This was definitely a difficult task. I chose Laurie over at, this was the first time we had met! When we were in Boston, I found myself following her around the store, checking out what she was looking at. She’s quite the crafty gal, her blog is based around fun craft ideas, tips and other homemade projects. I was up in arms with what to get for her and decided that I could get her something she could use now, and later again for future projects.

Here’s what I got her:

A Spa Travel Gift Pack– came complete with a body wash, lotion, bubble bath, body scrub and zip up carrying case. Perfect for her next vacation or blogger event!
Two Hand Soap/Lotion Pump Combo- Seaside Blue scent

Large Scented Bar Soap– Seaside Blue scent
Dual-Sided Back Scrubber/Massager– to pamper herself with the scrub
Woven Gift Basket– holds all of the above goodies, plus she can use it later for some of her crafting projects

Yes, my local TJ Maxx had all of this, and for just under $50! After all, it was pretty easy to find something for her that she would appreciate. There were so many choices; novelties, clothing, accessories, electronics, home goods and more! I will be doing some more shopping at TJ Maxx and Marshalls stores to round off my holiday gift list. If I could find something amazing for someone I just met, I know I can find something to please everyone on my list. I hope she enjoys a little pampering, I know we all can use it during the busy holiday season!

As for me, I got my Secret Santa gift in the mail a week or so ago. This was officially my first Christmas gift of the season, so I was totally excited to open it! Sharon from The Legacy of Home was the fabulous blogger who selected my name. The gift I received was amazing, she might have been following me around the store, too! Thank you so much Sharon for the amazing gift pack!

I did have a lot of fun shopping at TJ Maxx, can’t wait until I can go back and get a few things for myself! Do stop by your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls store for amazing low price gifts this holiday season. The selections are truly endless and ever-changing, enjoy your shopping!

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  • You did such a great job on this post. I love the photo!

    You are so welcome! Glad you liked what I chose for you.

    Have a great Christmas!

    Mrs. White

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