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Nescafe Coffee + Creamy Coffee-mate = Better Together!

Rich Nescafe Coffee with creamy Coffee-mate go better together


Peanut butter and jelly?

Bacon and eggs?

Milk and cookies?

Bread and butter?


Nescafe and Coffee-mate.


Nescafe with Coffee-Mate, better together


There are many things that are meant to be together, and Nescafe + Coffee-mate is the latest! 


My mornings are hectic, I am such a fan of sleeping in, and I think my kids are, too. The hustle and bustle, the go-go-go, I always tell myself that I am going to wake up a little earlier the next day. Never happens, but I AM getting better at this.

When we’ve finally gotten dressed, brushed our teeth, done our hair and eaten breakfast, we get in to the car and vroooommm! One drop off at school, number two drop off at another school, then drive like a mad woman to work. And when I get there… pure calm and bliss comes in the form of coffee and cream.


Nescafe and Coffee-Mate Better Together Instant Coffee


Nescafe with Coffee-Mate is a new 2 in 1 coffee and creamer combination. The mixture of Nescafe’s instant coffee with Coffee-mate’s top flavored creamers make an easy, portable coffee fusion to make my favorite morning beverage: COFFEE. I started bringing these to work this week, no need to stop at the coffee shop or wait for a whole pot to brew before I can experience the warmth. I wish this was around when we went camping this summer, simply add to hot water, stir and enjoy!


French vanilla was my favorite, lightly sweet with smooth notes of vanilla, the perfect amount of coffee and cream packed in one cup. So YUM.


Nescafe with Coffee Mate cup of coffee


Rich Nescafe with Creamy Coffee-mate, Better Together!


 Savor your moment of calm, cool, and collected. Make your mornings a little easier with Nescafe and Coffee-mate, look for them in stores!


Nescafe Giveaway!


Enter to win a Nescafe Coffee-mate prize pack, because they truly go better, together! You’ll receive a 2 week supply of Nescafe with Coffee-mate, enter to win via the giveaway form below. Contest ends October 8, 2014. Good luck!


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  • On 1:12 comes the most interesting; sounds great that of make calls over the InSilnet,ttelr, 2 lines is too much for me, I have issues using 1. Should use Two??It sounds more complicated :S :S

  • Who doesn’t love simple?! Add 2 scoops of the new NESCAFÉ® with Coffee-mate to your coffee cup, add hot water, stir and enjoy!! This is great! Especially for people on the go or with children who don’t have the luxury of making we all can make tasty delicious coffee in a jiff!!

    Introducing NEW NESCAFÉ® with Coffee-mate®, a deliciously flavorful 2-in-1 coffee + creamer combo that adds up to more than you’d expect. Simply add 2 tbsp to a mug, add hot water, stir well and enjoy! Rich NESCAFÉ® coffee meets perfectly creamy Coffee-mate® in three delicious flavors you’re sure to love – French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Sweet & Creamy Original.

    I have been provided a FREE sample to review from #Smiley360 and all opinions are 100% my own. Join #Smiley360 now to start receiving your own totally free samples for review!

  • I especially love the aroma of that first cup of coffee in the morning. For some reason it always starts my day with a smile. I would like to try the Hazelnut flavor.

  • I would love to try the Hazelnut flavor.
    I drink my coffee early in the morning while everyone is still in bed. I love having my coffee and enjoying my quiet time before my hectic day begins.


  • I love adding creamer to my morning coffee and love that it helps me wake up! I’d like to try a mocha latte with the Nescafe!

  • I love the smooth flavor of my morning coffee made with cream and sweet n low. It relaxes me but at the same time wakes me up. I would love to try the Hazelnut first.

  • I love being up first so that I can sit and enjoy the peace a quiet while I sip my first cup of coffee with French vanilla creamer

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