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The New BARBIE Dolls Collection Has Me Like YESSSSSSSS


Ladies, rejoice! After decades of time, they’ve finally made new Barbie dolls that have different shades of skin, colors and textures of hair, and different body types. There is now a BARBIE® doll that looks like my daughter!

photo: MATTEL

photo: MATTEL

It’s no surprise that the average REAL woman is rarely depicted in the media, and when it comes to toys, the same holds true. Although it has been getting much better in the past decade, Barbies have long been a subject of criticism for having unrealistic measurements. As you know, Barbie dolls were notoriously extremely thin, buxom, and, well, WHITE. These have long been the standards of beauty and acceptance, and that’s ok for some people. But when it comes to children’s toys, there was really nothing that is brown, or black, or thick, or super tall that kids could identify with.

I LOVE the new Barbie dolls!


2016 new Barbie dolls Fashionista line

photo: Mattel

There are now new Barbie dolls that actually look like what REAL WOMEN in the world do! Whaaaaaaaat?! The 2016 Barbie Fashionistas line features dolls with different body types, such as curvy and tall, and unique skin shades, hair colors and textures were introduced, and I LOVE THEM. Although they’ve made a few changes over the years prior to this, the vast majority of Barbie dolls made were still fair skinned. Excuse me, but have you looked around the United States in the past 30 years? What do you see? DIVERSITY.

While I applaud Barbie for finally recognizing more skin colors, body types and hair types, I just feel like – sheesh – it’s about time. Better late than never, I suppose. Growing up in the 80’s, I did not fit the socially acceptable blonde hair rail thin fair skin standard of beauty that was all over the place. I am an olive skinned, brown curly hair mixed African American, and images like myself were nowhere to be found.

Here are the dolls I would have chosen as a child…

New 2016 Barbie Fashinistas for African America Black Girls

photos by Mattel

Now, I know that Barbie is not the sole image of a persons self esteem, but when we don’t see ourselves represented anywhere, where do little girls think that they actually fit in the world? Now, little girls everywhere can see that their hair color, skin color and body type are a normal, acceptable occurrences, dish out some of that positive self-esteem, y’all!

The truth is, everyone is different.

I love seeing it, and I hope we can all embrace it! Which new Barbie dolls are your favorite?

2016 BARBIE Fashionistas Line is available NOW.


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  • When I was a young girl, my friends and I didn’t have barbie dolls. We were out on an island in the middle of the sea, so we don’t have much toys except the few that relatives from off island would send. Sadly, no barbie dolls.

    We would draw beautiful stick girls with beautiful hair, dresses from our imaginations and shoes like the ones we see in magazines. The oldest among us is quite skillful in drawing these beautiful girls and taught us. I picked it up fast and enjoyed it very much. We would make up life stories of our girls and weave them together in one.

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