New Year, New You: Simple Changes to Make That Will Change Your Life

There are a few simple changes to make that will change your life. It’s a new year, and we love to start fresh! I’ve been trying these, and I know you will love these ideas for simple changes that make a difference!

New Year New You - Simple Changes to Make That Will Change Your Life

Many people make New Years resolutions make a change, most of them drastic. “I want to lose 50 lbs in 2 months” or “I vow not to eat out any more”. Honestly, how possible is it that these far-fetched goals can be reached? Are you then setting yourself up for failure by aiming a little too high? Instead, focus on some simple changes to make to enhance your lifestyle.


Simple changes to make that will change your life

I have been inspired by Simply Orange Juice to take a pledge to make it happen! Here are a couple of small, simple lifestyle changes that I would like to try:

More Family Time

With our hectic schedules, it is difficult to get in some good, quality family time. I am usually tied up during the week, MJ is in school and my hubby always has a bunch to do once the weekend rolls around. Our schedules conflict, so by the time all is said and done at night, it’s time to go to bed. I want to try to sit down and schedule time for all of us, at least once weekly, to hang out more as a family. We love to…

  • Play board games
  • Feed the ducks at our local lake
  • Bring our lunch to the park, play, race, bring out the footballs and baseballs
  • Catch a family friendly flick

My pledge: Have each of us block off Friday nights each week. That way, we can end our hectic work/school week with some family fun! Participation is mandatory!

Healthier Eating Habits

I am pretty conscious about preparing healthy meals and making good snack choices, but my sweet tooth often gets in the way (I am eating an Andes mint as I type). A few things I can try:

  • Pre-plan healthy recipes, toss in veggies and fruits anywhere possible
  • Try not to go for a second helping at dinner time
  • Stop buying sugary and fattening snacks, if they are not in the house, I can’t eat them, right? THIS IS BY FAR THE HARDEST FOR ME!
  • Track my daily caloric intake. If I am close to going over the recommended daily limit, I probably shouldn’t stop for that Starbucks Frappuccino!

My pledge: Fill up on fruits and vegetables instead of the fatty snacks, and take a daily walk, whether it is around lunch time or around the block before the sun goes down.

Get outside every day

It’s easy to stay indoors when we’re busy, but that means we aren’t moving our bodies! Daily exercise is important, and I am going to work on getting myself up and out for 30 minutes each day.

  • I will try to get to the gym at least 3 days per week.
  • On the days I don’t go to the gym, I want to walk in the middle of the day, like on a lunch break, or right before the sun sets. The kids can come along with and walk or ride their bikes.
  • I also want to drink more water each day, and working up a sweat will help me remember to drink more!

Healthy ahi tuna salad at the Ivy Kitchen Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona California

Do you have any ideas or simple changes to make to better the year ahead for you and your family? Any motivation will help!

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