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21 Fun Non Sport Activities for Kids Who Don’t Like Competitive Sports

Does your kid dislike competitive sports? There are plenty of fun, extracurricular non sport activities for kids, check out our awesome list to see if your child would love doing one of these!

21 Fun Non Sport Activities for Kids Who Don't Like Competitive Sports

We all know that extracurricular activities are great for our kids, so it can be frustrating and even disheartening to hear that your child is not interested in sports. Extracurricular activities help kids learn discipline, self esteem, organization, social skills, team work, and for some activities, the importance of physical fitness. What parent would not want this for their child?

My daughter is one of these kids. She’s tried soccer, gymnastics, and swimming classes, and she was not into any of them! It could have been her age (3 and 4), so I have been looking for ideas for kids who don’t like competitive sports. If you need a few ideas for activities for non athletic kids, this is the ultimate list!

21 Fun Non Sport Activities for Kids Who Don’t Like Competitive Sports

1. Art and drawing – This can include painting, sketch, ceramics, collage, crafts, and more.

2. Musical instruments – Many instruments are taught worldwide, including piano, guitar, violin, horns, drums, saxophone, flute, clarinet, and more.

Kid playing the viola

3. Swimming – Classes are lots of fun, practice swimming with other kids and enjoy games and water challenges.

4. Cheerleading – Join a cheer squad and learn different chants, cheers, and acrobatic moves.

5. Karate – Self defense is important, and karate and Taekwondo tech discipline and focus.

6. Theater – If drama and acting are in your child’s future, he or she will love children’s theater!

7. Coding – Kids can learn to code and program all of the fun games and other technology they love to play.

8. Dance – Tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, ballroom, the possibilities are endless.

9. Skateboarding – This is a fun, casual activity that kids like to do with friends. Skate parks are very popular.

10. Ice skating – There are lots of ice skating classes nationwide. Learn to glide, and possibly figure skate.

11. Horseback riding – Have you ever heard of equestrian camp? Kids love to learn to horseback ride!


12. Surfing – Ride the waves of the ocean with this fun activity! Kids can take lessons on every coast.

13. Rock climbing – Kids use strength and planning to climb different rock walls. Harder than it looks!

14. Yoga – A calming, enjoyable way to work those muscles. Kids enjoy trying different poses and moves.

15. Cooking – This is a great class idea for kids to learn skills in the kitchen, this is one of the best non sport activities for kids to prepare them for the real world.

16. Typing – Computers are the way if the future, and a typing class would be great to learn the keyboard.

17. Choir – Singing in a choir is an excellent way for kids to enjoy the arts.

18. Science – Learn the wonders of the world with a science camp! great hands on education.

19. Engineering – Building structures and creating are great for kids. Think LEGO and K’NEX.

20. Chess – Exercise the mind with the game of chess. Strategy makes kids think very hard before acting.

21. Archery –  I have seen classes offered in my area. This one is one of my son’s favorite non sport activities for kids!

Genesis Bows kid aiming for an archery target

What are your favorite activities for non athletic kids?

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