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Heroes and Villains Face Off In ABC’s Once Upon A Time Season 6! #ABCTVEvent

I took a recent trip to Los Angeles with Disney and got a sneak peak of the new season of Once Upon A Time! We got the chance to meet the Executive Producers and preview the premiere episode of ABC’s Once Upon A Time season 6 – y’all have no idea what you’re in for!

Disney ABC TV Once Upon A Time Season 6 - so many great surprises this season, watch the premiere September 25, 2016!

ABC’s Once Upon A Time is back for Season 6!

OUAT fans, rejoice! The show is coming back September 25th for their 6th season and there are so many surprises in store! We visited the ABC Building in Burbank where there was a special screening room all set up for us. Disney and ABC were gracious enough to set up a special sneak peek of the new season, complete with an episode screening and a Q&A session with the show’s co-creators and executive producers Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz.


Once Upon A Time is set in Storybrooke, a small, magical town in Maine full of all of your favorite fairy tale characters you know and love. They’ve been cursed to live in our mortal world by the Evil Queen Regina, which means that all of the happy fairy tale endings to each of their stories have been taken away! Here’s a bit about what you can expect on ABC’s Once Upon A Time Season 6, as told by producers Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz…


A little about ABC’s Once Upon A Time from the creators

Ok, so we talked a bit with Kitsis and Horowitz and I am going to attempt to give you a glimpse into Once Upon A Time season 6 without sharing any spoilers. They told us a whole lot, so I don’t want to over indulge! Here goes…

Emma’s faith will be tested, she’ll join the fight for hope – We have seen Emma fight through the seasons and she’s grown, and now her happy ending will be tested. Kitsis says, with regards to her job as a savior, “we really wanted to get into Emma’s head this year in a character way and really explore what it means to have this responsibility.

The chaos in Storybrooke will intensify – There is going to be a bunch of activity in Storybrooke, villains return, heroes are challenged, and more and more characters make an appearance that we’ve not seen yet. Remember, these characters are still trying to figure out what’s normal and learning how to make a life in Storybrooke – and there is always some sort of adversity to overcome!

We’ll see lots of themes of love and family – Family comes first on this show, kinda like in real life, so there are definitely familial themes throughout. A curse was broken between a mother and son, sisterhood is tested, an there is a baby on the way amidst turmoil in a relationship. There are themes of romance, relationship trails, and life and love experiences similar to what we have in the real world. Everyone is looking for their happy ending, but the story doesn’t really end – it continues on.

ABC’s Once Upon A Time premieres Sunday, September 25th!

Don’t miss the premiere episode Once Upon A Time season 6, check out the trailer above and make sure you watch tonight at 8/7 central on ABC TV! Visit abc.com/once for more information and follow along with the show this season on Twitter and Facebook!

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I attended a press trip courtesy of Disney. Travel, lodging and other logistics are provided, opinions are those of Honey + Lime.

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