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One Potty Training Trick: Then, She Pooped! {A Toddlers Story}

Ahhh, toddlers. This one’s mine:


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My daughter is about 2.5 years old, so we’ve been prepping her for potty training. She is one independent, head strong and stubborn child, so I don’t want to force her into doing something she isn’t ready for. We decided to start with gentle talks, watching mommy use the potty, and special undies with her favorite Disney character, Minnie Mouse.

She was reluctant to sit on the potty for the longest time.

minnie mouse panties girls underwearOn Saturday, she caught a glimpse of her special Minnie Mouse undies in her drawer, and requested to wear them. I told her that these undies are for big girls who pee on the potty. She said, “I pee pee on the potty.” So I let her put them on.

From then on, she was in and out of the bathroom, practicing her pull up/pull down methods, sitting on her little Munchkin potty seat, and washing her hands. I would congratulate her for sitting, slightly taking a glance at the potty. Nothing. But it was okay, she was showing initiative.

Then, just before bath time, she decided to go into the restroom again. This time she closed the door. I thought it was another drill similar to the ins and outs she had been doing all day, until she yelled, “Mommy, I did it!” I peeked in and she had peed AND pooped! Wahoo! Did you every think you’d be cheering for urine and feces? Heck, not me! Only if you remember your kids during their toddler years, you will understand this photo of poop. The excitement, the hoorays, the cheering!


poop in toddler potty

So, what was the trick you ask? Mini marshmallows. We put them in plain sight and she was all about doing the deed!


This is only the beginning, so we’ve got quite a ways to go. Many parents often say that girls are easier to potty train than boys. We’ll see about that!


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  • We’re working on potty training too with our 2.5 year old. He took to it pretty quick for pee, but had a bit of trouble with the other 🙂 We found that lollipops did the trick 🙂 Now he’s ever so eager to jump on whenever he feels the urge. No such luck with my eldest though. All the bribes in the world wouldn’t work!

  • My daughter was a bit stubborn when it came to potty training. However, once she saw that I wasn’t going to let her off the hook, she got with the program. My son just turned two this summer. I’m a little nervous about potty training him because I wouldn’t even know where to start. I guess we’ll figure out what techniques work best as we go along.

  • We are working on potty training my son as well. He is all talk and no action. I think he gets stage fright on the toilet. I know that he will do it when he is ready so I am not rushing him. He just turned 2 in May.

    • Oh, if he just turned 2, he’s got time. My daughter had no interest when she first turned 2, now she’s 2 .5 and is ready. Good luck!

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