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Parenting Humor: When My Kids NEED To Talk To Me

Why do kids pick the absolute WORST times to want to talk to their parents?

Whether it’s a major spaceship LEGO® creation they’ve built, or they’ve finally learned how to pop a wheelie on their bike, when your child is doing something that they think is awesome, chances are that they want you to see it. RIGHT NOW. Doesn’t matter what you’re doing, that phone conversation can WAIT!

After chatting with a few moms, we’ve put together a flow chart that illustrates precisely when kids feel it is necessary to HAVE to share something with us. Here are our findings, a little parenting humor to lighten your day…

The times my kids NEED to talk to me

Parenting humor - The times my kids need to talk to me, honey + lime

Coming in at an underwhelming 1%, children have decided that it is a good time to chat when parents are fully and completely available. The remaining 99% of children decided that a better time to show mom their cool art work is when she’s in the shower, on the phone, pooping, and when it’s waaaay past their own bed time. Go figure!


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