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6 Hilarious Things That Might Happen While Potty Training Your Toddler

There are some hilariously inevitable things that might happen while potty training your toddler, and we’re partnering with Clorox to share a simple tip to clean up the mess!

Hilarious things that might happen while potty training your toddler, plus the one thing you need to make cleaning up easier!

It’s so much fun to potty train a toddler!!! NOT.

Toddlers can be terrible little people, and when it comes to potty training them, it shows just how much patience we actually have as parents! Did you know that the average person spends over 1,000 DAYS in the bathroom in their lifetime? Potty training might multiply this number by like 100! Lucky for me, my 2nd child a potty trained fast, but I definitely can’t say the same for my first.

Funny things that happen when you're potty training your toddler

Since we all know that hanging out in the bathroom and playing clean up is inevitable, we might as well laugh about it! Here are a few fun things that might happen when you’re potty training your toddler and spending some quality time together in the bathroom…

6 Hilarious Things That Might Happen While Potty Training Your Toddler

  • You might walk around with more toddler undies and wet wipes in your purse than your own actual things.
  • Plan on taking 7,334 trips to the bathroom with your toddler per day, knowing that possibly NOTHING is going to come out!
  • When something does come out, it is totally possible to find special surprises on the floor, and a stream of pee could possibly drip down the side of your toilet to join it.
  • There is a chance that you or your significant other will pull your pants down and show your toddler how to use their teeny tiny potty seat. It will be very awkward. Very, very awkward.
  • You may spend 35 minutes in the bathroom, and when your toddler says their done, they pull up their pants and poop in them.
  • The amount of laundry, toilet, bathroom floor, and carpet spot cleaning you do while potty training your toddler will multiply about 20 times the norm!

Clorox® Toilet Wand with refills

If you have to spend hours on end in the bathroom, you definitely do not want to spend anymore time than you need to clean up the mess! Clorox® Toilet Wand is the #1 thing you need in your bathroom while potty training your toddler. Sometimes, potty training can be funny, but in all seriousness, toilet bowls have as many as 3.5 million bacteria per square inch, and some of the bacteria stays on your regular toilet brush after cleaning. YUCK. You have got to get rid of that thing!

Clorox Toilet Wand, simply snap the scrubber onto the wand for easy cleaning

I love this toilet wand so much, it is the easiest toilet cleaner I have ever used! Simply click the pre-loaded brush head onto the wand, dip into the water and start scrubbing the toilet to get those bubbles poppin! When you’re finished, press the release button on the handle and throw away. You never have to touch any cleaner, nor the scrubbing pad, quick and easy peasy!

Cleaning the toilet the easy way with Clorox Toilet Wand

If you’re potty training your toddler, you do not have time to deal with extra cleaning. Kiss your regular toilet brush goodbye and get acquainted with Clorox® Toilet Wand, which kills 99.9% of germs and scrubs right under the toilet rim to power through those tough stains! For more information about the Toilet Wand, visit and follow along with them on Twitter and Facebook!

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