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5 Child Proof Ways To Protect Your Expensive STUFF

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf SIMPLR™


Cracked iPad screen

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How much are your personal electronics, household appliances, jewelry, and general merchandise worth? If you could survey all of the important items in your household, what would be their replacement costs?


iPhone: $500

Refrigerator:  $1,200

Laptop: $600

Dishwasher: $500

Stroller: $200

Sony Playstation: $300

Treadmill: $900

Tablet: $400

Rolex Watch: $5,000  


Average Cost of Above Listed Possessions = $9,600!  


It’s time to protect your stuff!  


I do not have the treadmill or the Rolex, but I know some of you do. Without those, the cost to replace the rest would be $3,700 or more, based upon repairs and labor costs. Can you imagine one, or many of these shorting out, breaking down, cracking, and just plain ol’ stop working? Or let’s say that your toddler decides that your tablet is HERS and slams it all around the house? CRACK. Face it: If you’re reading this, you’ve got kids, I assume. THEY WILL FIND YOUR STUFF. Your kids can be the sweetest things to walk the face of the earth, but they will get into some pretty important stuff. It’s not always peachy.   




In my situation, my daughter did crack the screen of our iPad. In fact, she cracked it so bad that I can see the frame, or the bones of the inside of the iPad along the left side. Some more fun stuff within the past 5 years: Our dishwasher started spewing water out onto the floor, we’ve cracked the screens of 3-5 smartphones (I can’t remember the exact amount), our refrigerator was not cooling correctly, and one of our laptops just didn’t feel like turning on one day. It’s a party, y’all.  


Model kitchen in Home Depot Appliance Department  

5 Child Proof Ways To Protect Your Expensive Stuff


  • Put it all up high – Find an attic or a high shelf and put your stuff up there. That way nobody can reach it. Oh, wait…
  • Impose sanctions – Make sure they know that if they touch anything, and I mean ANYTHING, they’re in huuuuge trouble. Penalized. No dinner for a week. Kidding.
  • Throw it all away – It is IMPOSSIBLE for your kids to get a hold of anything if it’s not there, right?
  • Lock everything in a safe – With this option, you’ll need a safe that is the size of a small bedroom. That way, you can put in your large appliances. Don’t give your kids the code!
  • Get SIMPLR™ – This is such a great idea, and probably the only feasible one. SIMPLR™ is a protection service that fixes, replaces, and even reimburses your stuff. All of your new electronics, appliances, and general items can be protected. If your approved items stop working, skip the hassle and the headache, and keep your cash in your wallet!

  SIMPLR protects these appliances, electronics and general stuff from accidental damage  

In all honesty, it is pretty hard to protect your belongings. Most of them are machines, man-made, and stuff is bound to happen. SIMPLR™ is the only logical way to protect specific products in your possession, getting them fixed on the spot or replacing them flat out. Accidental drops, spills, and other incidents are covered, no additional fees, deductibles or repair costs out of pocket. Life is already busy for parents like us, so getting a quick fix is just what we need.   SIMPLR™ sounds like something I can get used to! Learn more about SIMPLR™ service in this short video…  



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How do you child proof and protect your expensive stuff?


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  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf SIMPLR™
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