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Better Schools, Better Burgers: Help Red Robin Donate To Your Child’s School!


The best education comes from great schools with involved parents, supportive teachers and proper funding. I am partnering with Red Robin® in sponsored campaign to show you how you can better your child’s school and help increase donations with the Red Robin Burgers for Better Schools program! Eat and earn, I like the sound of that!


First day of school


We all want the best of everything for our children, and schooling is usually at the top of a parent’s list. I am a rather involved parent and I take education very seriously. I not only encourage my kids and help them to stay on top of their school work, (I even learned some common core!), I often visit their classroom randomly, chaperone school field trips, donate what I can, and help plan fun events and classroom parties.


We have plenty of great parents in both of my kids’ classes this year, but sometimes I simply wish that all parents could be involved and do more. Financially. I have a specific budget that I stick to, and I know that other families do, too. Part of my budget includes dining out, my family connects over the dinner table. What if you could treat your family to a dinner out, and support your kids’ schools at the same time?


Red Robin Whisky River BBQ Burger


We Support Red Robin Burgers for Better Schools Program!


There ARE more ways for everyone to help with school donations. My family loves going out to eat, we probably dine out for dinner at least once per week. Red Robin is right down the street, with great food and a fun, family friendly atmosphere, it’s one of our favorites! Now, we can earn points when we dine out with the Red Robin Royalty program and trigger a donation to our school of choice. This is something that I can get behind, and encourage family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and other parents at the school to do the same!


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Here’s How Red Robin Burgers for Better Schools Program Works:


  • Visit the Red Robin Burgers for Better Schools Program page and sign up. It’s free, and you can accumulate points for other cool stuff (even free food) each time you dine out at Red Robin! Do it NOW, you have to be signed up ahead of time to get your school’s donation.
  • Once you’re signed up, you’ll see a banner on your dashboard inviting you to add your preferred school. Any 501(c)3 school (K-12) is eligible, and most are already in the system. If it’s not, you will be prompted to a map of your area to navigate and select your child’s school.
  • Once your school is selected, your dashboard changes to show how much you have donated, how many others are donating to your school, and the total amount raised from all sources.
  • When you dine out, be sure to use your Red Robin Royalty rewards info by giving it directly to your server or using the digital ziosk on your table. 1% of each Red Robin Royalty member’s check before tax and tip will be donated to your school.


Red Robin Royalty Rewards Program


Red Robin Royalty Rewards program

As Red Robin® fans, we will definitely take advantage of this program! With tasty burgers, fresh salads and sandwiches, and delicious entrees and desserts, we can support our schools and have a great family meal at Red Robin, no problem! Our local restaurant is close to our neighborhood school, so I am thinking of handing out flyers to my son’s class to make sure that families are aware of this program and that they can easily help when they eat there.


Sign up for Red Robin Royalty and get started with the Better Schools program! There are lots of people nationwide that have already joined, follow along with the #RedRobin4Schools hashtag on Twitter and Instagram!


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This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Red Robin blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.


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