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It’s the new year, so I’m working on a new me… Blah blah blah.


Happy New Year, 2014



Don’t we hear the same crap every year? People vow to do all kinds of stuff that they never stick with. So I am not going to even pretend like I have a specific resolution for 2014.


I don’t want to be like the people who go to the gym faithfully for the first two weeks of January, then never set foot in there again. 2013 was probably the toughest year of my life, so screw all of the resolution ish. I’m making changes for sure.


I am ridding myself of the negative relationships, attitudes, thoughts, situations and people in my life. I refuse to put effort into something or someone who is not doing the same for me. I want to strive to be a better person, and the best mom that I can be. I no longer have room to accommodate this, and I am actually holding myself back from slapping myself for not seeing the signs and allowing this in my life in the first place.


I’ll keep up with eating healthy the way that I have been, in a realistic way. No crazy diets or month long juice fasts, they never last anyway and mamas gotta eat! I’m talking fresh fruits in my Kellogg’s Raisin Bran for breakfast, vegetables incorporated in every other meal, lean poultry and fish, and healthy grains. I love sweets, so I am totally indulging from time to time. Can’t take away my chocolate!


One thing that I really need to do is make a little more time for ME. For happiness. For exercise. For fun. For my personal enjoyment. Because I have let everyone and everything get in front of the line before my own needs. No more.


So let’s stop talking about our so called “resolutions” and just do it Lose the weight. Put down the cigarettes. Save more money. Leave the negative behind. We can do this together.


What are you making happen for yourself in 2014?


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  • I learned a long time ago not to make specific New Year’s resolutions – so I’ve gone to more generable, attainable ones. One year, my resolution was not to procrastinate – you wouldn’t BELIEVE how much that one helped me in so many ways! This year, I’ve resolved to give myself one tiny goal a month (to institute a new good habit, or cut down or out a bad one). So far, so good!

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