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Shark Talk at Sealife Aquarium – Legoland, California!

The Sealife Aquarium at Legoland has a new Hammerhead Shark exhibit and they are not afraid to show it off! 15 mom bloggers were invited to Shark Talk this morning and I am very honored to be able to have attended this event.

Legoland California Logo

SEA LIFE Aquarium is the first Southern California aquarium to feature a scalloped hammerhead shark and will be debuting 3 very interactive shows to highlight these fascinating creatures. In celebration, SEA LIFE is inviting 15 mom bloggers plus their kids to enjoy the aquarium, check out this awesome new shark, and preview a couple of new shows. The SEA LIFE Aquarium is host to more than 200 species of sea creatures, including: Leopard Sharks, Blacktip Reef Sharks, Giant Pacific Octopus, Tropical Seahorses, California Garibaldi, Porcupine Pufferfish, Trout, Moon Jellyfish, Stingrays and Eels.

The aquarium was really neat, it infused Lego figures into the Sea Life theme with the decor, in the tanks, and all over the exhibits. They started us off with a meet and greet, which I just missed, and I had to hurry and catch up with the group as they were headed out to the aquarium!
The next stop was the Daily Dive, an interactive show where the divers are able to talk to visitors and answer questions, all while they are in the tank! They wear special diving masks with microphones hooked up to them so the crowd can all hear them talking. On today’s dive, their mission was to do a little maintenance, some tank cleaning and sea life observation.
Just Before the Daily Dive
note the Lego man and Lego submarine
We then dispersed, saw the scalloped hammerhead shark (HUGE, by the way, couldn’t get a good pic), and explored the rest of the aquarium. The next stop was an interactive puppet show called “Shark Talk”. The Sea Life aquarium is the perfect blend of interaction, education, and fun, all at once! You really have a chance to explore the many exhibits and see the inhabitants of the sea up close, really close.
This fish liked me, he/she was following me 🙂

One of the interactive tanks, you can actually get in the middle!
From the sting ray exhibit… this one is open on top, so they splash sometimes
It is really nice to meet some of the mommy bloggers here in San Diego, in real life! If you are ever in the San Diego area, this is definitely a great place to visit. Do Legoland and the Sea Life Aquarium all in one day, trust me, it is definitely worth it!

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