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Should You Take Your Kids To See MALEFICENT?


Disney's MALEFICENT movie, 2014


Ok, so I took my 7 year old to go see an advanced screening MALEFICENT this week, courtesy of Disney. I told my mom that we were going and she said, “Oh my isn’t that a little dark for him?”


MALEFICENT casts a spell on baby Princess Aurora


I get it, the trailers and promos and such do look very dark. I didn’t know if my son would be able to sit through the movie, let alone sleep at night. Truth be told, he was intrigued, enthralled and wouldn’t stop talking about the movie when we left the theater. He loved it. Instead of showing what a mean witch she is, it tells her story, showing the real side of her and how she came to be known as evil. I think because there was a clear compassionate feeling about Maleficent, we were able to understand why she is the way she is.




So YES, you should take your kids to go see MALEFICENT.


This film was highly anticipated, Disney always hits their mark and I believe they did a good job on MALEFICENT, too. There’s playful love, friendship, warmth, and evil, with a touch of humor, the perfect combination to lock you in. I can’t put an age on this, but if your child is ok with mild fight scenes, dark spooky woods and fire breathing dragons, they’ll do just fine. Now that my son has seen this, he wants to check out Sleeping Beauty as a sequel. Go check out MALEFICENT, in theaters today!


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