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Simply Sundays: I’m Officially a Soccer Mom!

I was so glad to have found a great soccer league that has a class for 2 year olds. You never see any extra curricular classes for toddlers this young, 4 years old is usually the youngest age that any classes are offered. Well thanks to Little Rascalz in San Diego, I am now a soccer mom! MJ had his 1st class yesterday and he loved it! My hubby and I were able to relax and watch the kids run, kick and play. After all, that youthful, boyish energy has to be expelled somewhere!

**His 1st day on the team**

**The Team listening to Coach Smackey**

When the class was over, MJ did not want to leave. He kept saying, “I need my team!” So cute to watch all of the toddlers play! If any of you are in the San Diego area, I definitely recommend Little Rascalz.


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