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Create an Outdoor Oasis at Home with The Soothing Company

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About a month ago my family moved across the country from Idaho to Maryland. It was a long grueling trip and a difficult move. One of the things I was most looking forward to after we finally got settled in was sitting in our new little front yard and letting my girls play.

At our home in Idaho we didn’t have a yard, there was a shared common area for the children to play but nowhere to call my own. Our new house has a little fenced yard and a nice little porch, it’s just big enough for some toys for the girls and a comfy chair. I knew I wanted to make it a home-y area, that would be comfortable for me to sit at when the girls are playing at their water table or in the sprinklers. I got a chair that was pretty comfy and then I was given the opportunity to review this awesome outdoor rug from The Soothing Company.



The Soothing Company is great website that offers tons of wonderfully soothing products for your home and garden. They also have a website, Soothing Walls, that offers a large selection of wall water fountains. If it weren’t for the fact that my girls think all water is for splashing in I would be all over one of these fountains they are so pretty and very calming.

I chose to review the Trans Ocean Terrace Arabesque Green Outdoor Rug. I just have to say I love this rug! Its fun, and it fits really well with the rest of the stuff outside. I put it under my girls water table so that they don’t slip since my youngest likes to pour all the water out. It fits really well in our small space, and I like the calming neutral colors of this rug. Another pro of this rug is that it is super easy to clean. When it arrived we were in the middle of a week of rain so I unrolled it and put it in my living room to get the creases from being shipped out. My 4 year old daughter got sick right on my new rug while I was out grocery shopping and my husband was able to clean it up very quickly and easily. By the time I got home about a half hour later you would never know that it had gotten sick all over it. No smell, nothing.



The Soothing Company has tons of great products, I’m really loving all the hammocks they offer. I want to get one of their chair hammocks to hang in front of the house, it looks so comfy. Another great thing about the Soothing Company is there is Free Shipping and No TAX (except in WA state)! That’s awesome! I always hate wanting to order something but then realizing the shipping and tax would cost so much that it was no longer affordable.

If you are looking to update your patio or porch, the Soothing Company is the place to go. Check them out, they have everything you could ever want to make your outdoor space your personal oasis.


Teresa is a mom of two girls from Idaho, now living in Maryland, who blogs over at Crafting in My Closet. She enjoys writing about kids products and sewing clothes for kids. Stop on by and check her out!



Disclosure: Products were received to facilitate this review. All opinions are mine.


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