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Combat Those Spring Allergies! A Few Tips For Hay Fever Relief

Does your family suffer from spring allergies? I am partnering with Know Your OTCs in a sponsored post to share a few facts about common allergens and some tips for hay fever relief!

Here's How To Combat Those Spring Allergies! A Few Great Tips For Hay Fever Relief

Ahhh…. take a deep breath and inhale that fresh, spring air! When you do, you’ll also inhale the pollen and dust in the air – and the allergic reactions begin! I have had a few different allergies over the years, cats and grass are not my friends, and spring allergies usually get the best of me. Unfortunately, my kids both seem to be following suit, and hay fever relief is so necessary. If you’ve never had an allergic reaction, you’re a pretty lucky person!

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Although I love the flowers in bloom when the spring arrives, those good old spring allergies affect millions of people each year. A runny nose, watery, itchy eyes, or a skin rash can really put a damper on your day –  allergic reactions are responsible for sending 17 million visits to the doctor each year, peaking in the spring and fall. If you notice that your children has stuffy noses or itchy eyes after being outdoors, you might have a spring allergy sufferer on your hands!

Combat those spring allergies! Tips for hay fever relief

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What is hay fever? 

Hay fever is also known as a seasonal allergy, which comes around when the spring does each year. According to Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson of Seattle Mama Doc, hay fever is the “most common allergy in Americans and represents the allergic reaction to pollens in the air & environment.” Symptoms occur when allergic triggers circulate, which could be grass, pollen, animal dander, or dust, to name a few. Children are typically affected by hay fever before the age of 10 and all the way through their 20’s, and allergies do tend to run in families. “If one parent has allergies, there’s a 25% chance a child will too! If your child is lucky enough to have two sneezers for parents, the risk of developing allergies soars to over 60%!” If this is the case in your family, you definitely want to read about hay fever relief in the next section!

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Tips For Hay Fever Relief

If you or your children are suffering from seasonal allergies, there are a few allergy relief tips from the Know Your OTCs team to help your family out. 

  • There are over the counter (OTC) medicines available for both adults and children that can help with allergic reactions. Antihistamines block those symptoms and provide hay fever relief. These OTC medicines have various active ingredients, so make sure to read the label and follow all of its instructions. Consult with your pediatrician before administering allergy medication to your children.
  • Nasal sprays are another type of OTC that is administered directly in the nostrils. It is another antihistamine, which blocks the histamine chemical in your body to reduce coughing, sneezing, itching, runny nose, swelling, and redness.
  • A good tip from Dr. Swanson – If your child has been outside, possibly rolling around in the grass or other pollen filled areas that can trigger spring allergies, have them bathe right away.
  • Please note that allergy symptoms can sometimes be very severe, so pay close attention to yourself and especially your children. “If you have rapid or difficult breathing, or if you are wheezing, seek medical attention immediately or call 911.” Also, some oral allergy medicines contain more than one active ingredient to treat additional symptoms, such as nasal congestion and headache. You should only treat the symptoms you have.

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Don’t let your allergies get the best of you! For more information about spring allergies and the safe usage of OTC antihistamines, visit KnowYourOTC’, a top resource for all over the counter medicines.

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