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Stay at Home Mom Salary: How Much Is A Mother’s Work Worth?

Being a mom has got to be one of the toughest jobs yet. What if we were paid a salary for it? We have no sick or vacation days and the range of work performed is about as wide as an elephants backside!

Here’s a fun infographic* that details just what a mom can expect to be paid for her work. Can you believe that we would earn almost twice as much as a working mom and work more than double the hours? WOW!


I’ll be waiting for the day that someone decides to start writing checks for managing the household facilities! I do not see nurse, masseuse, or play mate here, so I would probably have to barter a bit for a raise.


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  • Love this, gonna show it to the hubs….. He needs to understand that even if my contribution isn’t financial it’s still important!

  • Hmmm….32 years and counting of active parenting and most of them as a SAHM, I’d be filthy RICH by now right? With my youngest two being 13 and 15, I’m almost done. Done BROKE! I have to admit, although I was home for most of my years after becoming a mom, I worked for a number of years and I LOVED my job, (I had no choice but to quit due to health reasons) I found it SO much easier to work, and that also involved getting kids up, running to day care and picking up, and ALL the afterwork WORK you do for your kids, family, and house, etc. such as catching up on laundry, outdoor work, cleaning, cooking etc. I might take a hit for saying that, and I was on my feet in a clinic for up to 14 hours on surgery days. I still found it easier than being home full time with kids.

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