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Best Way to Stay Connected on the Go: Free Data with T Mobile 4G Trio AXS Tablet

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Trio AXS Tablet using the internet


Now that most kids have headed back to school, there is just so much happening! It feels like we have millions of things to do: school drop offs and pick ups, soccer and baseball practice, driving to work, attending blog events and conferences, carting kids to and from mom and dads house, grocery shopping, and so many more random things. I swear that we’re always moving, nonstop! Looks like it’s time for a TMobile data plan I can use on the go.


Kids using TMobile Trio AXS tablet


I was able to do a little back to school shopping for myself. In order to somewhat alleviate the amount of commute time we’re spending each day, I stopped into Walmart and got the T-Mobile Trio AXS 4G Tablet. This tablet is sorta like my own PC to go. It’s compact size is excellent, and it runs on Android software, keeping it smooth, streamlined and easy to navigate. The Trio tablet has everything that I need to keep me connected to the world and accessible whenever I need to be. As an online influencer and well connected person, it’s great for me to be able to get stuff done whenever I need to.


Walmart store mobile and electronics section


About Trio AXS Tablet + T-Mobile Service


How awesome is it to be able to keep up with life? With internet on the go, I can keep my calendar organized, check my email, do research, get recipe ideas for dinner, read eBooks, and even have a little entertainment with music, movies, games, and social media. Wanna know what i’m most excited about? FREE DATA! 


  • The T-Mobile Trio AXS 7.85” 4G Tablet has got the works: It’s got 16GB of memory, a 7.85″ touchscreen, front and rear cameras, micro USB port, microSD card slot, WiFi capabilities, and broadband connectivity with T-Mobile service. This tablets price point = $179.00. Wow!
  • The TMobile data plan offers 200MB of FREE DATA per month for life on T-Mobile’s advanced 4G nationwide network! This is perfect, because I know that I use a lot of data and the price could add up. If you’re streaming music, playing games, or watching videos, you should get this plan. If you don’t quite need so much data, you could purchase the $35 unlimited data for a week up to 1GB. This is good for checking email or lightly browsing Facebook. T-Mobile and Walmart are very flexible with overages.
  • You can stay connected pretty much everywhere: At soccer, football, and baseball practice, in the car at the school pick up, waiting in line at the DMV, while traveling, or even in a restaurant if you need to! Any time you need internet access, it’s there.


T-Mobile Mobile Broadband Refill Card


Making life a little easier


This tablet was super easy to set up. It took me through a few prompts, had me sign in with my Gmail account, and I was all set! Looks like I still have to set the correct time and location for the weather, and maybe put my favorite apps on the homescreen.


Setting up the Trio AXS Tablet


Stop in to your local Walmart to learn more about the T-Mobile Trio AXS 7.85” 4G Tablet, and best of all: FREE DATA! If your family has a busy schedule and is on the go like mine, you’ll love the capabilities! The TMobile free data option is just what I need, I started with the $35 broadband refill card but I know i’ll have to use the 200MB. It will get ample use by me and by the kids, there are so many games available!


How would you use your 200MB of free data?


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