Tired of Selfish People – Mom Drives Van Into Ocean, With Kids Inside

Life is tough. Most adults can attest to this.



Mom drives car into ocean kids inside

photo: Still from video, NBC News


Add jobs and kids and marriages and death and any change in LIFE in general, and it can get pretty complicated. Apparently, this mom is experiencing some issues, so she drove onto a beach in Florida and right into the ocean, with three kids inside. WHAT?

Watch here, from NBC News


People rushed to rescue the kids, and the mom walked out of the situation with no words. I am not sure what was going through this mothers head, if she was mentally stable, or what not. What happened before this can only be assumed. But sheesh, taking the innocent kids?! Stop being so selfish, stop living in the negative moment, use better judgement.

I have recently seen the worst times of my life, and there’s no way in hell that i’d ever endanger my children. Never. As much as I have wanted to cry, scream, and ultimately give up, I didn’t. There’s just too much at stake, I don’t want my temporary feelings to affect and scar my family permanently.


Stop being so selfish

This story reminds me of how our society seems to be getting more and more selfish. I feel like 20-30 years ago, when there were problems, you had to work it out. Period. Whether it’s losing a job, coping with a divorce, pregnancy issues, illness, dealing with a death in the family, a life changing decision, or any other form of depression, you’re not alone. The causes of depression are extremely common, so someone, somewhere knows exactly what you’re going through.

If it’s getting bad, please talk to someone. Please send the kids to the grandparents, come back when you’re stable. Please take a minute to think it through. When you don’t you’re being absolutely selfish, where your feelings and pain are more significant than the good of your family as a whole.


You can do this!


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  • I understand what you’re saying, but based on the facts that have come out, she’s clearly mentally ill. That’s not the same thing as being selfish. I’m sure if she were in her right mind, she wouldn’t have done what she did. Many times you aren’t even aware of how far down you’re sinking into depression or mental illness issues, especially if you’re on your own a lot. It doesn’t make it any less horrible. It doesn’t mean she’s off the hook. She needs to get help, for her sake and the sake of her children. But I don’t think it’s right to call her selfish.

  • People experiencing depression and other forms of mental illness are not, in fact, being “selfish”. They are performing acts that are classically textbook for mental illness. They aren’t thinking, “What’s best for ME, regardless of the consequences?” Their thinking is quite skewed and often not based in reality. To call someone who is mentally ill “selfish” adds to the problem, and in fact often pushes them further into a corner. Cornered animals act out in illogical fashion. They aren’t selfish; they just don’t know what else to do. Name calling doesn’t help; it’s hurtful, and ultimately, harmful. I speak as someone who has survived mental illness. Were I still suffering depression, my reaction to this piece might be, “See? I can’t do anything right. I might as well just jump off a cliff.” Now, however, I have to wonder who the selfish one really is: That mom who clearly has something wrong and needs help… or the person sitting back and judging her action with zero empathy for her plight.

  • Wow! I just don’t understand how people can do this! I wonder how old her children are? Its a good thing they were there to rescue them.

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