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Summer Family Fun: We’re Going To Camp Snoopy at Knott’s!

Knott's Berry Farm Logo


We’re going to Knott’s Berry Farm! My family has been invited to a special media day to experience all of the fun summer entertainment, rides, and all things SNOOPY!  I haven’t been to Knott’s Berry Farm since I was a child and I know that things have changed, so I am excited to see what’s in store. Here’s what we will experience…


Fun at Camp Snoopy for kids at Knott’s Berry Farm


Camp Snoopy NEw Rides at Knotts Berry Farm


3 New Rides at Camp Snoopy!

Knott’s has unveiled three new rides in Camp Snoopy, which include the Linus Launcher, Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer, and Pig Pens Mud Buddies! 




Awesome summer shows

Kids will love watching new shows, just for the summer! Watch Snoopy… Unleashed and Boomtown, two fun shows that we will be sure not to miss! 


Other interactive experiences

Kids can meet the Peanuts gang at Beagle Scout Headquarters where they can meet their favorite characters in a fun themed setting. Also, the Peanuts Play Lot has a bunch of fun, interactive things to do, the kids are going to have a blast.


Calico Mine Ride Glory Hole


Fully Restored Calico Mine Ride!

This classic attraction has been restores, so we will be taking an adventure through the gold mines! The renovation includes changes to the overall structure, lighting, audio, and special effects that will wow guests as they ride through the tunnels!


Camp Snoopy Charlie Brown Kite Flyer


We can’t wait to get there, hope that you all get a chance to visit Knott’s Berry Farm this summer!


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