9 Of The Best Travel Apps You Definitely Need For Your Next Trip

Planning a trip soon? These are some of the best travel apps you need to streamline your travels. From flights to hotels, reviews, tips, and things to see, there are so many ways to travel smart!

9 Of The Best Travel Apps You Definitely Need For Your Next Trip

Whether you’re planning a business trip or vacation, applications for mobile phones have always proved very useful because it ensure that you find the right hotel, the best ticket prices, and to be well informed. Those things will help you during the trip, but also be of benefits when you get to your desired destination. Simply download the app to your phone and enjoy your trip without worrying about food, transport and sights to visit. There is such a multitude of applications, and we have selected 9 of the best travel apps to download now for your next trip.

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9 Of The Best Travel Apps You Definitely Need For Your Next Trip

1. Google Translate

This application is the one almost everyone needs, especially if you are traveling, so it’s on the list of the most useful ones. If you are in a foreign country, Google Translate is one of the best tools for communication. The app translates 80 languages, and it works offline as well. You can type or pronounce the phrase and the app will tell you the translation. The voice option helps you learn how to correctly pronounce the given word or phrase. The most interesting part of the application is that you can take pictures of text you want to translate, and the application will help you decipher it. (Android, iOS)

Airbnb logo

logo: Airbnb

2. AirBNB

If you want to find the most suitable accommodation in more than 34,000 cities, this is the app you need to install. Airbnb offers you the opportunity to find a room, an apartment or the whole house at a very affordable price, and you can also personally contact the owners if you have any further questions. Hotels, especially those of higher rank, are usually expensive. If you want to save money and have more freedom, we suggest you Airbnb. Also, you can read the ratings and the experience of other users that will help you select the best accommodation. Instead of looking for the cheapest accommodation, register to Airbnb and explore the rooms and apartments around the world that local residents are offering at really good prices. In addition to the range of money and period of time, you can request some special conditions. There is also an option to view photos of the accommodation. All you need to do is sign up with a valid email address and phone number. This is a good opportunity to get to know the inhabitants of the city you are visiting and experience it from a very special perspective.

3. Google Maps

Of course, there is the inevitable Google. For simpler orientation at an unknown location, the key is to have a map. There are many applications that can help you in this, but Google Maps is the most popular. Probably all of you know the features that Google maps have, but except showing streets and numbers, this map helps you not to lose abroad. Google Maps are updated frequently, so that you can see the metro, bus lines, restaurants, cafes and everything that will meliorate and facilitate the stay in any city in the world located on Google Maps. You can download the map, and use it even when you are not connected to the Internet. Absolutely one of the best travel apps to have on your device!

Google Maps, Chicago, IL

Google Maps

4. Time Out

When you are planning a trip and want to see all the sights of a certain city, you do not want to miss anything. Your friends suggest a few places that you should visit, but you do not want to waste your time wandering around. The application that can help you is the Time Out. This application includes restaurants, bars, the most famous places to visit, as well as various events occurring at the time. It plans time for you, so you do not have to worry about whether you will be able to visit all and it takes care that you do not skip something worth seeing.

5. VPN

This application is suitable in cases when traveling to countries that have limited access to certain sites or social networks. It requires registration, a simple download and you have opened yourself the door for every website and applications that were previously restricted. You need to opt for a solid VPN option which has to be convenient and accessible for all operating systems. VPN helps a lot in regards of communication, if you are a business traveler.

6. Kayak

This is a travel search engine that analyzes and compares millions of flights, hotel, and rental car prices to get you the best deal. They also have a fare predictor, which I think is why they made the best travel apps list, that tells you whether your specific destination will go up or down in the coming weeks. Kayak makes your travels super easy!

7. Trip Advisor

I really like Trip Advisor for planning excursions, restaurants, and looking for things to do at a specific destination. The reviews are created entirely by guests who have experienced that specific attraction, so they are blunt, honest, and full of great tips! You can stumble upon new ideas, or research something you’ve already planned. This is one of the top travel apps for planning a trip.

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8. Uber

Need a taxi? The application connects people who have a vehicle with those who need a ride, and the ride is cheaper than a standard cab drive. The fee is paid online. The idea and the basic purpose of the Uber app is simple. When you create your profile, the maps with nearby drivers are displayed. Once the application receives the request and locates your position, the call is forwarded to the nearest registered Uber driver, whose moves you can follow on the screen. When you arrive at your destination, the amount of money you need to pay is removed from your bank account. At the end of the ride, leave your recommendation for the driver and he/she can do the same in return. Go ahead and use my Uber code Y26JI for your first ride – absolutely free! 

9. Expedia

Did you know that you can search and book flights, hotels, rental cars, and even tours, activities and airport shuttles in seconds, right at your finger tips? Expedia’s app makes it super easy to search for your travel needs at your current location, or wherever you might be headed. The app is super streamlined and user friendly, definitely one of the best travel apps. Keep your eyes peeled for mobile discounts!

What are your favorite must-have travel apps?

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  • I can’t imagine my trips without airbnb, google maps and nordvpn. It’s everything you need, from finding a place to stay to secure online financial transactions. Happy travels, my friends!

  • I would really like to install most of the apps listed here as soon as i will plan for my another trip. Useful information. Many Thanks

  • This was great information. I plan to travel with family alot this summer. This will make it alot easier. Definitely goin to use the Time Out app.

  • I love this list SO much! Especially since we’ll be doing a lot of traveling very soon 😉 I love the idea of Time Out (what a great way to organize time) and use TripAdvisor often when I’m abroad, since it seems to offer the best international system of reviews. I only connect to wifi on international trips so I usually keep my apps to a minimum, but certain mobile providers have wifi hotspots (and apps for accessing them) that come in handy!

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