The Boxtrolls Movie: Learn How Language ‘Trolls Right Off The Tougue’

Kids pose with The Boxtrolls at a Global Cardboard Challenge building event


What language do Boxtrolls speak?


That’s a good question. They use English words, but there are many quirky sounds and gestures they use to communicate. Learn all about the voicing and mannerisms of The Boxtrolls, the movie is in theaters today September 26th!



 From the creators of ParaNormal and Coraline, The Boxtrolls is a fun, witty and loving movie that features a quirky family of Boxtrolls, which are creatures that live beneath the streets of the city of Cheesebridge. They adopt and raise a human orphan boy, Eggs, in their home, so his Boxtroll family is all he knows. The town’s villain, Archibald Snatcher, wants to get rid of The Boxtrolls, so Eggs must come out into the world above the streets and jump into action to save his Boxtroll family. 


The Boxtrolls, In Theaters Today, September 26!


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