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The Last Thing You Think Your Kid Would Do…

My son took a shower like he normally does before bed. It was a little longer than usual, but he’s no stranger to taking up all of the hot water.


I hear the water go off and see him whiz by to his bedroom. “Mom, can you come here for a second?” I walk to the bedroom, he says “Is there a cut here on my neck or something? It’s bothering me.” When I turn him around to take a look, I see blood, here, blood there, and his hair is falling out into my hands. TERRIFYING.


boy cuts hair with moms razor

“What in the world happened, you’ve got blood all over the back of your head!” I exclaimed. He was noticeably shook. “Did you wash your hair? What did you use? Does it hurt? Come into the bathroom.” He mentioned that he CUT HIS OWN HAIR. Son. What? Apparently, the boy took my razor and wanted to give himself a good shave. At this point, he has bald spots all over his head and a gash that I couldn’t get to stop bleeding for 5 whole minutes. 


For such a smart kid to make a silly decision like this baffles me. He is still young, and I did explain to him that all kids make stupid mistakes growing up. I’d expect little things like writing on the desk at school, throwing food, sneaking candy, and opening Christmas presents early.  I never thought he would attempt a hair cut and butcher his scalp. 


Boys. Good heavens. Needless to say that we had a LOONNNGGG talk, he loves to show independence and take things upon himself, but didn’t realize that this situation could have been much worse. He’s gotta go to school with bald spots, looking a hot mess. We’re just hoping that his hair grows back and that he learned a painful, less than fashionable lesson. LIFE.


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