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The Price of Motherhood

Could you put a price on motherhood?

Having children has to be the most unforeseen life change in the existence of man. Challenge me on that one.

Sure, you planned your pregnancy. Sure, you and your partner talked about it and realized you were mentally, physically, and financially ready, among other things. What you didn’t plan for was the reality that life is simply UNPLANNED.

When you saw your ultrasound…
… an over-whelming feeling of joy, anxiety, nervousness and excitement packed into your soul all at once
… you knew for a fact that it’s really real when you saw the image of the pea-sized baby growing inside of your womb, and felt a bit of awe at the same time
… you felt a sense of a real family of your own, a child placing the finishing touches
… you thought of possible boy and girl names, hair and eye color, personality, will he be tall like daddy?
… you had hopes for a healthy, thriving fetus
… your eyes welled up, and nope, it wasn’t the allergies!

{and then your baby was born…}

… the fact that your responsibility level rose 1,000%
… there is no practice for this thing called “motherhood” rather than to actually live it
… the vast amount of time and energy you HAD for yourself
… naps come a dime a dozen
… your life decisions require the inclusion of 7 more factors than your pre-child era
… you still love your family dog, but Rover has been placed on the back burner for a bit
… you are depended upon to provide proper health, nutrition, education, life skills, discipline and guidance
… vacation? the time and money more than likely will be spent elsewhere
… the role you play in your child’s life is one of the most influential

and my favorite
… you have never known such a true, wholesome, selfless, unconditional love that you have for your kids.


So, with everything you have experienced, the good, the bad, and the ugly, can you actually come up with a worthy price tag? Motherhood is priceless. 

Carry on.

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