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Things I Learned Along The Way- From the Kids!

MJ is our little 2 year old light. He has quickly become the center of our family and most, if not all things, revolve around him [don’t tell him I said that, I am trying to convince him otherwise]. The ride has been so amazing, I don’t believe there is any joy to be had like motherhood brings. My husband and I are savoring every moment.

I have grown much wiser and have a different outlook on life and it’s meaning. I always knew I wanted to start a family, be a mommy, and all the fun stuff, but I guess it doesn’t hit you until you get there. Everything changes. Here are a couple of things I have learned over the past two years. Really, it’s like Hannah Montana says, ♫ Life’s what you make it!♪♫

Time Is Of The Essence: Cherish The Moments That Mean The Most– Spend time with those that matter most. For me, it’s the hubby our son, my sister and the grandmas. Don’t waste time on the little stuff that doesn’t matter. I love the saying “live, laugh, love”, I continually apply this to my life.

Family First: Realize What is Important– All other friends, extended family, and outside influences quickly take a back seat, hands down.

Make The Best of Your Situation– We always want what we don’t or cannot have. I am so over it. No need to worry about petty stuff. Guaranteed, someone else has it worse. Do what is necessary to correct your personal situation and move on.

Stay Positive: It’s The Only Way to Go!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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