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Tis The Season: Fun Baking and Decorating Christmas Cookies!

MJ had a potluck Holiday party at his preschool yesterday and he chose to sign up to bring cookies. No, not just any store bought cookies, but homemade, decorated Christmas Sugar Cookies! This is a really cute and frugal activity to do with toddlers. They love the hands on approach and is actually educational, children learn to combine reading, math, science and hands on craft skills to create a finished and deliciously edible product. This is such an easy recipe for kids, they are also tons of fun to make, MJ had a blast!

These Christmas cookies were made with the Betty Crocker Sugar cookie mix, eggs and butter. We found some holiday cookie cutter shapes at Rite Aid, priced at 99¢ but on sale for half-off. Then, we used a container of Betty Crocker Vanilla frosting and some sprinkles we had at home to finish them off (you can use other candies to decorate, too). Total spent: approximately $5 for an hour of fun! If you have a good homemade recipe for sugar cookies and have all of the ingredients, you are good to go!

Note: Toddlers are messy. If you have one, I probably don’t need to tell you that. After a barrage of flour and sprinkles covered our kitchen counter as well as our clothes, I involved MJ in the clean up portion, too.

Mixing the Dough

The Cookie Cutter

We made the circles with a measuring cup, they were supposed to be ornaments. They came out nice!

Frost, then decorate with sprinkles

Voila! We ended up with about 20 cookies. I almost ate one, but MJ reminded me that they were to share with his friends at school 🙂 Our favorites…

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