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To My Son, On His Birthday…


To my dearest son,


Wow. Is it so? Can you really be EIGHT?!




I just can’t believe that my smart, loving, kind-hearted son is already 8 years old! Weren’t you just learning to walk? You continue to amaze me in everything that you do, from your hard work in class to your work on the baseball field, excelling seems to be your top trait. The love you give to this family is immeasurable, you’re a great big brother, wonderful son, an excellent friend, and an outstanding gentlemen in all that you do!


Time flies. And I think that time is the most important thing we have, no? More than money, possessions, and other trivial things, because time cultivates relationships. We enjoy the time we have together, no matter what we’re doing, where we are, or who’s with us. And we can’t get time back, so let’s continue to cherish it, together.


I love you to pieces, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here’s to many more!


Love always,





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