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Toddler Language Explosion

My daughter has been quite the chatty one lately. In the past week alone, she has amazed me with her speech and she’s not ever 2 yet. I’m talking full sentences…


To her silly brother: “MJ, top it, NOW!” [stop it]

To me: “Mommy, mommy… MOMMY! I poo poo, keen it.” [clean it]

To Dad: “I wah sack. Ca-kahs. Gapes. Peeeeze?” [I want a snack. Crackers. Grapes. Please?]

When I hit my knee on the edge of the car door and shrieked: “Mommy, wah happah?” [what happened?]


Where in the world did this come from? It’s like someone flipped a switch or pulled her little string. She asks “whas tat?” about almost everything and says hi to everyone, birds, trees, and Christmas lights included. I love that she’s so verbal! She says so much more than this. SO MUCH.

We talk to her about everything and encourage her to speak instead of scream when she wants something. We make it a point not to acknowledge crying and yelling, I guess it’s working! A lot less hollering and a lot more asking. Golden.

Now, to work on her random terrible twos tantrums…


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