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Toddler Tales: Trampoline + Winnie the Pooh Take Over

The afternoon of a toddler is full of simplicity. Eat, play, poop, sleep. I’d pay good money to go back to those days.

We went to visit a friend and apparently, their backyard was the funnest place in the world. Let’s just say that Girly Girl took advantage of the grass, the dog, and another kids’ toys.

In a 10 minute span, she took over. Here’s a look at her thoughts…


Hey look, a trampoline!


Kid jumping on a Diggin Jumpsmart Junior trampoline



Ok, that was cool, now for a little roll-in-the-grass time…


Girl playing in the grass



What’s this? A bear? Ok, he has no idea what he’s missing. Gotta add him to the fun!


Girl playing with Winnie The Pooh


Girl playing with stuffed Winnie the Pooh



Shoot, the dog is coming…


Girl and dog find Pooh in the grass



Tackle! It’s mine!


Girl and dog playing in grass


Girl rolling in grass with stuffed animal, Pooh



Welp, that was a lot of fun. Oh, look, a trampoline!


Girl jumping in kids trampoline



I think it’s safe to say she enjoyed herself!


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