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Tons of Toddler Fun With Wheely Bugs® Ride-On Toys

Guest review by Teresa Peschke

Is her daughter not the cutest?! She looks like she’s having a blast riding her new Wheely Bugs® bumble bee!


Girl riding on bumble bee Wheely Bug toy


I was really excited to be offered the opportunity to review the Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug®. These fun, animal ride-on toys are perfect for toddlers, helping kids work on their motor skills while having a great time!


Wheely Bugs Ride On Toys for Kids


Wheely Bugs® come in two different sizes; small is designed for kids 1.5 years old and up and the large is designed for kids 3 years and up. We chose to go with the small, even though Littlebit is right in the middle of the ages, because she is on the small side. Her 4 year old sister can ride on it, though she is a little big for it. If we get one for her it will be the large.


Kid playing with Wheely Bugs bumble beeBesides the fact that these ride on toys are just incredibly adorable, they are also very well made. The bodies of the Wheely Bugs are padded and covered with a tough layer of polyurethane letheriod making that inevitable potty accident much easier to clean up. The base is made from plywood, and the edges are rounded so you don’t have to worry about little legs getting bumped. We got the small Bumble Bee one for our Littlebit. The antenna or “feelers” are made with stainless steel spring and have an internal limiter cord to prevent pull out. Which is awesome, because my 4 year old sunshine tried to rip them off almost as soon as she got home from school. The aluminum handle is great because it wont rust and over all the construction leads me to believe this will be a toy all our kids can play on for years to come rather than a one kid use toy.


My kids have actually had the opportunity to try the Wheely Bug out before.  A local natural baby toy store in my area carries them and they have one in store that kids can play on. Littlebit loves when we go there because she spends the whole time playing on the ladybug Wheely Bug.


There are a lot of pros for buying this toy. It’s incredibly light, I feel like most ride on toys for kids are heavy and I really thought this would be, too. The small is only 4lbs, and the large is only 5 lbs. Also, the Wheely Bug is entirely non-toxic and contains no PVC. When so many toys these days stink from the plastic and the fumes, I loved that when I opened the box there was no gross plastic smell. I love that all the animals these come in are gender neutral. The best part though is that unlike most ride on toys that get stuck often, the Wheely Bugs run on castors so they can go in any direction; forwards, backwards, side to side, and 360 degrees! No more yelling that they are stuck in a corner or there is a toy in the way that their ride on toy can’t turn.


Wheely Bugs Ride on toys


It should be noted that the Wheely Bug is an indoor toy. Using it outdoors will eventually ruin the wheels. You can buy new ones but the Wheely Bug was designed to be an indoor toy. The Wheely Bug comes in Lady Bug, Cow, Bee, Mouse, Tiger, Pig and Hedgehog varieties in small and large.


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