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Travel Must-Have for Moms With Infants: Tiny Love Take Along Bouncer

Tiny Love Take Along Bouncer review by contributing writer Mariel Concepcion

Tiny Love Take Along Baby BouncerAs a first-time mom of a very needy four-month-old boy, I am always open to reviewing products that make my life as a mom easier. My motto is you could never have too much equipment at hand, even when not at the comfort of your own home. For our recent trip to New York – our first trip with our son – I decided to take the over-prepared route and cover all of my bases. I jumped at the chance to be able to try out Tiny Love’s Take Along Bouncer.

I made a list of things I needed to take with me for all of his potential needs while away, including but not limited to:

– A playmat/tummy time mat
– An infant tub
– An infant seat
– A nighttime projector/music/white noisemaker

Tiny Love Take Along Bouncer

Sigh. Yes all of that. One can imagine when it was time to weigh our suitcases before heading to the airport they were inevitably overweight. So I had to make the executive decision to leave some things and only take what was light and compact enough to fit yet not add too much weight to our already over-packed bags, and what was going to serve the most purpose. In the end, everything but our Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer had to be removed from our luggage, which proved to be a wise decision.

Tiny Love Take Along Bouncer folds up nice and compact for travel
My little one unavoidably spent a lot of time being carried during our two-week stay back home, but during those times I needed to whip up a quick breakfast or simply had folks over and needed to move about and host, this bouncer was the best option. It allows baby to sit somewhat upright, so he can still participate, and because of its design, every movement he made provided a slight bounce, which I think he liked.

Tiny Love Take Along Bouncer Review

This bouncer is the perfect, simple piece of infant gear that is great for on the go families. The chair is pretty secure with its buckle harness and, best of all, takes up virtually no space and is extremely light. To assemble, just unlock and press the red button to open and close.  Additionally, it comes with a carrying case for easy toting and storing. To make things more exciting, I clipped on my Tiny Love Pack-N-Go Mini Mobile (link back to review) to the side of it or to the coffee table in front of the baby and made a motor skill exercise out of it as baby grabbed or kicked the mobile with his tiny limbs while sitting in the chair.

Review of Tiny Love's Take Along Bouncer for infants

This chair doesn’t come equipped with all of the bells and whistles of your standard, stay-at-home ones. Don’t expect hanging toys or vibrations, lullabies or options to recline and sit up. The Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer is a very basic device, but, in our case, it shone in all of its standard glory.

The best travel baby bouncer

Not only is the Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer great for long trips, but also park dates and for when dropping baby with a sitter, among other cases. It can be used for babies up to 12 months old, I know that I will get plenty of use out of  it. It’s definitely worth the reasonable price! The Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer is my go-to hands free option that worth every penny for the active mom. Visit for more information.

This review was written by contributing author Mariel Concepcion, a California transplant, born and bred in New York. As an entertainment journalist, she has covered some of the biggest events and is published in multiple highly respected outlets. Mariel is adapting to her new life as a mom and wife in the Cali sunshine.


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