A Traveler In #Paris: A Short Photo Story #Travel #France #Europe

Eiffel Tour, Paris, France, photo- Deanna Underwood


Do you ever have the itch to just, GO?

I do, all the time. So this time, I DID IT. The destination was Paris, France, and I could not have been more excited! My sister was out there for work, I am always in awe of the places she gets to travel for business. She knows this, so she often says “You should come” and we leave it at that, because, you know, full time job, kids, funds, etc. This time, the wheels started turning in my head. Wait, what? I should come? Oh my goodness, I SHOULD!



Live, love and travel :: #vacation #Paris #France #firsttime #passport #LetsGo #adventure #travel

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Two days later, I scrambled to get the time off of work, cover the care of my children, scrape up my pennies, nickels, and dimes, and find a decent flight at the last minute (Air Tahiti Nui is a blessing, very cute airline that has a direct flight from LAX to Paris. I will review). Before I knew it, I was packing, driving, checking in, going through security, and boarding the plane, it was happening! Before take off, I was talking to a friend who asked “do you know any French?” I don’t, accept for ‘oui’, and i’m okay with that. Here are a few photos that I shared…    



Light the night. #Paris #France A photo posted by Deanna Underwood (@mommy_gaga) on



First breakfast in Paris. I can’t get enough of these croissants! #travel #Europe #France #food #Paris #roomservice

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Thousands of locks on Pont De Arts bridge, Paris, France. Lock it up and throw the key in the river for everlasting love.

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Standing under the massive Eiffel Tower, it’s so much bigger than you think! #Paris #EiffelTower #travel #Europe

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Siene river, Paris, France. Can anyone see the Eiffel Tower in the distance? #travel #Europe

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Paris is such a beautiful city, such a romantic feel about it. Everyone is so aloof and dresses well, and I can’t get enough of the language, the detailed architecture, the French culture, and of course, croissants, and macarons! The Eiffel Tower, Louvre museum, Love Lock bridge, and the Arc de Triomphe were such amazing sights to see. I was forced out of my comfort zone to communicate with the French, now I know 5 French words. Next time, I want to take the kids, see a cabaret show and take the train to London. Definitely a trip to remember.


Next time you have the chance, any chance to go anywhere, just GO.


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