Trayvon: Just My Two Cents

black and white person hoodieOn the eve of the verdict to be handed out to George Zimmerman, I have formed many thoughts in my head about the whole case. Honestly, it’s disturbing.

So let’s say that you were visiting a friend in an upscale neighborhood and decided you would take a walk to the store. It’s dark and a little rainy outside, so wearing your sweats and a hood makes complete sense. You made your purchase and decide to head back to the house, only on your way back, some random man starts to trail you. First in his car, then on foot. It’s dark outside. Would you be scared? I would.

I am not going to make this a race thing. Everyone is, but the fact of the matter is that a teenager was being followed for what seems to be no apparent reason. The alleged man who was doing the following took it upon himself to label this teenager, assuming that he must be up to no good, and calling police on suspicion. When the police specifically told Mr. Neighborhood Watch to back off, he doesn’t. He still exits his car, armed.

At this point, I would be scared shit!ess. Who is this man? Why is he following me? Oh crap, he’s getting out of the car? How would you defend yourself? You fight.

My theory (which could be completely off base): Upon Zimmerman’s exit of the car, Trayvon, probably shaken at the time, asks why he is being followed. They exchange words, a fight brakes out and Trayvon gives him a couple of good ones. Instead of fighting and taking the loss, Zimmerman shoots. Maybe he felt the shooting was self defense since he was getting a beat down, but seriously, what do you expect to happen when you follow someone in the dark? I am sure that there are more details, but we will not ever know the truth. Life lesson: If you agitate or confront someone, be prepared to fight.

Do I think race plays a part in this case? YES. The important truth is that a child was taken away from their family. His mother will never see him graduate high school. He’ll never marry, have children, and enjoy adulthood. While I do not think that Zimmerman was initially looking to shoot and kill him, it happened. Why could he not have identified himself as a neighborhood watch member? If he suspected foul play, why didn’t he wait until police arrived?

No matter what anyone says, the ‘who was on top of who‘ and ‘Trayvon grabbed for his gun‘, which, by the way, was concealed, Trayvon would be alive and well today if the following and confrontation never occurred. There’s no chance he’ll ever be able to tell his side of the story. No court of law for him to face. His fate was decided for him.




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  • David: Objectivity is a luxury people of color cannot afford. That is for people who have never been followed in a retail store, pulled over while driving a car that is a bit too nice, or confronted while walking through a suburban neighborhood.

    • I think there is a knee-jerk reaction to blame everything on race, which creates a “boy who cried wolf” effect to actual instances of racism. Systemic racism does not exist in 21st century America. There may be isolated incidents, but most people no longer view the world through the prism of race.

      I heard one commentator call Trayvon Martin the Emmitt Till of our time. Till was killed for whistling at a white woman. Trayvon Martin was killed for committing an aggravated felony assault against someone he felt was unjustly following him. This case had nothing to do with race. This case had to do with a “suspicious” individual stranding next to a home that was not his. It was an unfortunate misunderstanding of circumstance, but was not racially motivated.

      As a kid I had multiple encounters with police when I was called in by a concerned citizen. It wasn’t because I was white, it was because I was a teenager in a place that seemed out of place. Whether it be sitting on a wall, or riding my bike down an alley, I was questioned and sent on my way. There were more than a few instances where I had to “empty my pockets” before a store clerk would let me leave. It isn’t always about race, and pretending we still live in the 50’s hurts people who actually are suffering legitimate discrimination.

      Just live your life as though race doesn’t matter and you will see that it doesn’t. Most people just don’t care what race you are anymore.

  • I 100% agree with you when zimmerman made the choice to follow him even after he was advised not to. I know if I were walking and a man was following me I would feel like I needed to defend myself. The whole thing is sad and makes me worry about my childrens future just when you think they’re safe.

  • I completely agree that Zimmerman got himself into a fight he couldn’t handle. I refuse to feel sorry for Zimmerman taking a beat down. When someone thinks there life is in danger, they are going to react. Honestly, it sickens me that people feel like Trayvon imposed this whole situation on himself. Like, honestly if someone is chasing your kid in the dark what do expect them to do?

    At the end of day Zimmerman was instructed to not pursue Trayvon by a 911 professional. When he decided to profile a teenager and “make sure he didn’t get away,” I have no doubt in my mind that where Trayvon would fought back or not that gun would have come into play. I think he had made a choice that he would stop Trayvon at all costs from escaping. Only what he didn’t know was that this young boy was just trying to get home & out of the rain.

    People can say what they want but you can’t dispute the fact that two parents have loss a child forever because one man failed to do as he was instructed.

  • In this country a man is innocent until proven guilty. I am heartbroken at ANY loss of life. But I would never say that someone is guilty until it was proven. It is sad to me that all of you have convicted this man. We do know that records were falsified to bring charges against Zimmerman. They did not have a case and the press was so anxious to prosecute him that they actually lied to produce an arrest warrant. Is he guilty of murder? I will let the jury decide.

    • I never convicted GZ in this post. I never stated that he is guilty. I am not a juror. This is my opinion, the main point being that Trayvon would be alive and well today if the following and confrontation never occurred.

      I understand others are quick to convict, and that’s wrong. I said above that I don’t believe GZ had any pre-intent to kill TM, I think the situation just went sour.

    • I was unaware of records being falsified (and I would assume that if they were, the records would have resulted in significantly better evidence at trial) or that someone lied to produce an arrest warrant. Do you have anything to cite for these accusations? I’d be curious to check them out.

      A not guilty verdict doesn’t mean that the defendant is innocent. It means that they didn’t convict him due to a lack of evidence or conflicting evidence, most likely.

  • I agree. As a mother of teenage boys (all grown now) I am horrified by this. We lived in a nice suburban neighborhood where the neighborhood police might stop the boys when they were out on the bike trails after dark—no big deal—just checking on who they were. The cops were in uniform, some on bicycles themselves. Nobody bowed up with “authority” without reason. Zimmerman is *not* a cop. My boys would *not* have been cooperative with some guy with no uniform stalking and harassing them. Had someone like Zimmerman confronted them in a belligerent way, I would have expected them to be scared enough to fight—and they would have fought! Who the hell does Zimmerman think he is?
    My heart aches for Trayvon’s family.

  • Along with the gun why not carry mace or a stun gun. Either one of those would have been suffice under these circumstances.

  • this story has saddened my heart from the start .a mother has lost her son why because someone chose not to listen to the police instructions to me that breaks my heart.

  • There are numerous inaccuracies in your post. First, there had been a rash of break-ins in the neighborhood. Zimmerman was driving to Target when he sees a man he does not recognize standing under the eave of the house of his friend, Frank(if a friend of yours saw someone standing up against your house in the dark, would you want them to ignore it) Zimmerman knows this man does not live there, yet is standing up against the house(in hindsight he was probably just getting a respite from the rain).

    Zimmerman then calls police and is keeping an eye on Trayvon while he continues walking. Contrary to the notion that GZ is told not to follow, he is actually asked to provide a play by play of the whereabouts of Mr Martin.

    At one point Trayvon Martin disappears between the homes. Where Trayvon rounded the corner was only 75 yards away from his father home. The encounter with Zimmerman did not happen until 4 minutes later. Are we to believe that Trayvon could not walk or run 75 yards in 4 minutes. Zimmerman went between the houses on foot. It was at that point that he was asked by the dispatcher if he was following Trayvon. When he said he was, the dispatcher said,”we don’t need you to do that”.

    Zimmerman tells the police to meet him at his truck and hangs up the phone. About 45 seconds later the fight took place. Who started it is up for speculation, but the evidence shows that the only injury to Trayvon was the bullet hole and scuffed knuckles. Zimmerman had the broken nose, two lacerations on his skull and numerous bruises on his head.

    You are right, that getting beat up is not justification to kill someone. But the bullet wound forensics show that Trayvon was leaning over Zimmerman at the time of the shot. Given his injuries, and the unrelenting attack, at which point is Zimmerman allowed to use deadly force. The on the ground attack lasted 40 seconds. That is 40 seconds of someone sitting on your chest punching you in the face and slamming your head into concrete. All of the evidence backs this up. The grass stains on Trayvons knees and grass on Zimmermans back. His injuries are well documented.

    If that was your husband on the bottom taking that beating, at which point would you allow deadly force. Should he have waited another 40 seconds. There is a reason it took almost 2 months to file any charges. That is because the evidence is not there. All of the facts line up perfectly with Zimmermans account.

    • “the only injury the only injury to Trayvon was the bullet hole and scuffed knuckles.”
      -that statement right there throws your whole manifesto into question. That “bullet hole” happened to be fatal. Trayvon’s life was ended. Zimmerman and his “broken nose” got to walk away (almost scot-free since the police did not initiate an investigation that night). He gets to live another day (to pick fights with suspicious teenagers). This comes down to value of life and certain people in country put the life (and rights) of a black teenager below that of dogs.

      BTW, if my husband was out playing cop and got himself beat up, I would tell him that it served him right. There is a difference between being vigilant (neighborhood watch) and being a vigilante (taking the law into your hands)

      • Have you not seen the footage of George Zimmerman being led into the police station THAT NIGHT. The investigation started immediately. He gave four statements to police within 24 hours including a complete on-scene walk through of the event the next day with the lead detectives. All of the footage of police interviews you see are from within 24 hours of the incident. The myth that the police refused to investigate will never end I guess.

        After the investigation it was determined that this was an open and close self defense case. To this day there has not been a single piece of evidence to disprove the account given by Zimmerman. If all evidence points in the same direction, there is probably a good reason.

        The fact that the only injury to Trayvon Martin was a bullet hole is proof that this was not a fight, but was instead an assault. When George Zimmerman told the dispatcher that Trayvon Martin was running, Trayvon Martin was running in the direction of his home which was between 75-100 yards away.

        Four minutes later they came face to face at which point Martin (according to Rachel Jerantel) initiated the first verbal contact between the two. Are you telling me that skinny Trayvon Martin was incapable of outrunning clinically obese George Zimmerman. Because in order for you to believe that GZ attacked TM you have to believe that. Four minutes passed between the time that TM “ran” until he came face to face with GZ.

        You are not looking at the case objectively. The actual evidence could not be any more clear in favor of GZ. The prosecutions entire case is based upon taking known evidence and saying: “well it could have happened this way”, with no actual data to prove it. Conjecture and theory is not evidence in a court of law. That is by definition reasonable doubt, which means Zimmerman is not guilty. .

      • One more thing in regards to the fight. In my area last week there was a fight at a park. People heard someone screaming for help and saw a man being beaten(with fists, no weapons). They called police but did not intervene. By the time police arrived the man was unresponsive and died the next day. The man that died was a 21 year old autistic man with the mental capacity of a child. You CAN be beaten to death if you can’t defend yourself.

    • I am unsure how my post can be inaccurate when it’s an opinion. ‘

      I do not think GZ was wrong for his suspicions, but I do think that he was completely out of pocket when he exited his car and continued after TM when he was instructed not to.

      Please listen to the 911 tapes, GZ was specifically told that he should not follow TM. At that point, it should have stopped. In real life, if you trail someone without speaking or alerting them to your presence, in the DARK, there is a chance that you’ll have to fight. Point blank. It’s creepy, fearful and you’re damn right I would be afraid and ready to fight too.

      I do believe that TM was giving GZ a run for his money, hence the cuts. I do think there would be a lot more damage to the back of his head if it were being slammed against the concrete. Would you not do the same? According to GZ size vs. TM’s size, I am sure GZ was not completely overpowered and he could have fought back. I, however, do not believe that he was ever in fear of his life to warrant the use of his gun. If he wasn’t armed, the fight would have ended at that.

      Again, this post is all my opinion, hence the “my two cents” in the title. Like I said above, “Trayvon would be alive and well today if the following and confrontation never occurred.” I don’t think we will ever hear the full truth about what happened in the 4 minutes you mentioned, but we do have proof that TM was attempting to get away at one point. Realistically, there would have been ZERO confrontation had GZ stayed in his car.

      I feel bad for both parties, TM and his family for the loss of his life, and GZ and his family for his involvement in a case that I am sure he would want no part in. GZ will never live a normal life in FL again, he’s way too high profile.

      I am not convicting GZ off bat, I am not a member of the jury. That will be for them to decide. Just my two cents.

      • The primary inconsistency I am referring to is the timing at which GZ was told not to follow. He was asked to provide an address. It was after he had been out of his car for over a minute that the dispatcher said “we don’t need you to” follow. Zimmerman said “OK” and then told the dispatcher to have the police meet him at the clubhouse, where he was headed. He hung up the phone and the altercation began a minute later.

        As for the injuries. Think about how hard you have to hit your head on the ground for the skin to actually split open. He had 2 of those. I remember one time as a kid hitting my head on the cement. It didn’t bleed but I had a small knot. My mom called the doctor and he told her not to let me go to sleep out of fear I wouldn’t wake up. Put your kids in the same position. There is nothing scarier than seeing your kid fall and seeing his head bounce off of the concrete. Imagine that being done repeatedly. This attack lasted for 40 seconds. Time out how long that actually is.

        On the end of the fight were there no gun. Trayvon did not cease the beating when John Good came out and told them to knock it off and threatened to call the police. It was about 10 more seconds before the shot was fired. Zimmerman had to be thinking, when will this end. Especially considering the pain he was likely in from the broken nose and other injuries.

        He may have overreacted, but he was likely not of sound mind when the decision had to be made. We will never know. That is reasonable doubt, and that is why he should be found not guilty.

      • By the way, George Zimmerman (in one of his many lies) told the investigators that the dispatcher wanted an address (he didn’t ask that) and at some other point (it’s so hard to keep up!) said that he would meet the police a) at his truck or b) at the clubhouse or c) “just have them call me.” (C) is what matters, because that’s what he ACTUALLY said to the dispatcher. That would indicate that he wasn’t going to his truck or to the clubhouse, but was going to be on foot, hunting down an innocent teenager, while he carried a loaded gun, to make sure this a**hole didn’t get away.

        You can correct me if I’m wrong, but…I’m not.

    • ‘In regards to your question “If this was your husband”… I can easily say this wouldn’t be my husband because he wouldn’t look at a black kid walking through the neighborhood while it is raining wearing a hoodie and immediately think the worst. This mentality and the horrible SYG/self defense laws in FL are what need to be fixed.

  • This is exactly what I think happened too. Zimmerman lost any cred with me when he was told to not get out of his car and he did. The fact that he has called 911 on 100 occasions shows me that he’s over zealous at the very least…..a wannabe lawman/vigilante who is a bit power hungry & feeling it’s his ‘right’ to clear the neighborhood of people who he believes should not be there.

    I can’t watch the news about this because I find myself screaming at the tv — when they show the Defense Attorneys explaining how Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman giving him a beating…so Zimmerman had no choice but to ‘defend’ himself with his gun. If this was me, I would have fought too if some stranger came up to me….you’d defend yourself…Trayvon didn’t know if Zimmerman was a whackjob coming up to him in the dark….didn’t know if he was some pervert, he could’ve been anyone…

    Zimmerman should have stayed in his car….as instructed by the authorities. It’s called Neighborhood “Watch” for a reason and that reason is to be the eyes & ears for the police department and to call them and let them do their job and take it from there. Zimmerman should have stayed in his car….as instructed by the authorities.

    This family will never have their child back….that’s the bottom line…and no matter what the verdict is, it won’t change that fact.

      • Exactly Gina! Trayvon needed to protect himself from a stalker, just like the “stand your ground” law that Zim is trying to claim. None of this would have happened AT ALL had he listened to the orders of the police and did exactly what you said above, ” be the eyes & ears for the police department”.

    • I believe they would not have ever investigated it if it never went main stream. If it were the reverse, Trayvon would have been arrested instantly on the scene.

  • Thank you for this post. I couldn’t agree more. I have felt sick to my stomach the entire day upon waiting this verdict and the horrible things I’ve been reading from people who are acting like Zimmerman is somehow misunderstood and deserving of getting off. A child is dead. A teenager is dead. The police dispatcher told this man not to follow him, to stay where he was. But he didn’t listen. He followed, stalked and inevitably killed a teenager. Are there any other details that matter? It’s heartbreaking.

    I live in an upscale community and I totally have called the police on suspicious people before. All of the time. I’m pretty neurotic, and even though our community is gated, I worry. One time a group of teenagers were knocking on doors at 8 p.m. while I was home alone with my son and asking if they could just come in and talk to me about newspaper subscriptions. They were persistent and one asked if my husband was home and he could come in and talk to him instead. I repeatedly told them to go away and they were all “why? It’s just a newspaper subscription!” so I went in and called the police. They told me to keep the door locked, sit in a locked bedroom with my son and they’d send someone over. They did, and the kids were truly just selling newspaper subscriptions (poorly, albeit). That was it. I didn’t open the door, pull out a weapon and stalk them until someone got hurt or died.

    This whole thing is so heartbreaking. I can’t even believe it’s this big of a deal. A teenager is dead. A man didn’t listen to police instruction. A child is gone. End of story.

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