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We Made A Colorful PEEPS Easter Flower Bouquet!

We made this beautiful PEEPS Easter flower bouquet, it’s so pretty! Y’all remember when we made this DIY Easter PEEPS Wreath Craft? We had a ton of marshmallow PEEPS left over, so we decided that we could use them for this craft!

Easter PEEPS® Flower Bouquet Centerpiece

Behold, the Easter PEEPs Bouquet! This was a super simple table centerpiece to make, using fresh flowers and PEEPS chicks in various colors. Here’s how to make it:

How to make a DIY PEEPS Easter flower bouquet

You will need:

  • PEEPS® Marshmallow Chicks, all colors
  • wooden skewer sticks
  • fresh flowers
  • vase

Tulips and PEEPS Easter Bouquet

Simply thread your PEEPS marshmallow chicks onto to top half of the skewer sticks. Make sure the bottom half of the stick is exposed, you’ll be putting this part into the vase.

Place your fresh flowers into your vase, fill it shallow with water, but enough to touch the bottom of the stems. Place in your PEEPS sticks and arrange. I love how colorful this Easter centerpiece is!

What are you making with PEEPS® this Easter?

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